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Amol Gade 3 OCT 2018 AT 8:15

Asking a girl for "the coffee" is not everyone's "cup of tea".


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Payal Dutta 22 FEB 2018 AT 17:07


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Anu Chhangani 18 MAY 2018 AT 10:42

तुम्हारे धोखे को भी इक वक़्त हो चला है..
चलो अब हम भी इश्क़ से उबर आते है !!


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Ansh Tripathi 2 DEC 2018 AT 10:08

(कई कैलेंडर बदले, और कई साल भी, पर कुछ तारीखों की तासीर नही बदलती,वो हर साल ऐसी ही रहती है....खुशनुमा ..!![मुबारक हो 2 दिसम्बर] )


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Monica Swain 25 AUG 2017 AT 19:59

I had booked a table only for two
I didn't know
you would bring a proposal along with you.


D a t e "
#date #love #YQbaba

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Kavisha Srivastava 4 AUG 2017 AT 17:47

गमगीन और खुशमिजाज लम्हों को
समेट अपनी झोली में,

लो आ गया फिर वहीं तारीख
यादों भरी एक डोली में ।।



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Vinshika Jain 1 JUL 2017 AT 1:22

She knew their first date was their last one as she saw the left over food on his plate.


Because I hate people who waste food.
#yqbaba #quote #random #date

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Harish Satheesan 5 JUN 2017 AT 19:28

Rain; nature's gallant way of shedding the veil of human immunity. Its coldness ploys deep into the tender innards of human emotions, rendering us defenseless. Romance soars up due to this ambience too. The smell of damp earth, a chilly breeze, a minor drizzle, the fragrance permeating from a candlelight dinner, a piquant dish, wet trees rustling faraway and a compassionate soul bent on his knees on the wet floor of a night terrace can catalyze her tears to wage a victorious war against her eyelids.


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Nisha Makwana 17 OCT 2017 AT 20:49

Chapter 2 : DEAR DIARY

Dear diary,

Oh my god...I'm just so happy..did you know what happened today.he finally asked me out.oh.yes..I'm finally going on my first date..with whom???well I'm going on a date with my first love.I'm just so excited...you know i really like him a lot..and I'm finally going out with him...i just can't wait anymore...let me do some preparations for this date. What should i wear..should i buy a gift for him..oh god i don't know anything about date.. I think i should search it on google..what to do on a first date...so bye ttyl


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Shan MuazZam 2 DEC 2017 AT 14:56

If we date i'll
probably stare
at you a lot,
i like to admire
what's mine.


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