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Sajana Christine 12 FEB 2018 AT 17:54

"Do I matter to you?",she asked.
"You'll soon find out", thought the womanizer who mesmerizingly replied "Does the world matter to me?
No Darling, but you do."


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Sneha Kumari 13 JAN 2018 AT 22:37

Heard often...
Opposites attract...!!!!
So....the theory was proved again...

I was a extrovert..
He, an introvert....

But the shit did not matter between us...
Longing for each other...
Has no boundaries...
No conditions...
No intro-extroverties for each other...
We just enjoy the company of OURS!!!!


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Nachiketa Pattnayak 29 SEP 2018 AT 22:16

Yesterday ,I found something strange
Looked out the window
Focus on a date
Come closer and we click ....
And at that moment instead of bell
I get a flower bullet straight to my
Empty vessel
Ahh.... What a flower Bullet Date it is !


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Shilpa S 26 NOV 2017 AT 21:30

No Spectacles can cure you if
Your insight is blurred


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Aakash Shaw 4 APR 2018 AT 23:46

In this new rush
Between ambition and competition
Everyone gonna leave
Just smile and repeat
The phase " its okay "
Make a self believe
There is God
Who's making balance sheet
Stand on one's own two feet
It's just a bad phase
You will get success
All you gotta do
Maintain your pace
Cause in this struggle of life
You can't escape
You have to give a tough fight
Rather than taking a flight.


Rashi Sharma 26 NOV 2017 AT 21:31

When not needed present everywhere and the minute i think about them they will surely disappear.


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Harsh Oza 15 APR 2018 AT 8:42

तब जिस्म रोया था , उससे जुड़ने के लिए ,
अब रूह चीखती है , दूरी मिटाने के लिए ।


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Naina Karmakar 25 MAY 2018 AT 12:38

आप हमारे लिए खास हैं
सबसे हसीन एहसास है
मीलों दूर मगर हमेशा
दिल के बेहद पास हैं


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Priyanka Rai 25 NOV 2017 AT 20:02

First love is like toothbrush ...
Started with little roughness and problems
but as you find comfort, it started playing an important role in your
But one property is missed...........
It never last long.......


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Ashis Subhankar 2 JAN 2018 AT 12:56

Universal truths were concealed
to Moses,Isaiah,Jesus, Buddha and
Zoroaster, May be.

But, but You,the only one, have
knowledge of my darkest secrets.

You are the only one who uses
mental anasthesia upon me.
You are the one who has
balance on my motion and emotion.


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