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30 MAR 2020 AT 19:53


28 MAR 2020 AT 16:35

.....Vaguely shall it be the apocalyptic imagery of fervid epizootic !!!!!...............Or the unified dominations over the pandemic ,sever them into cast of fire among the Just.....

HIS veridical prophecy should be realised ,the annihilation must not be in vain......who sacrificed their esse ,serving for patronage of the worldly.

A DOOMSDAY OR GODSEND ,thy desiderare......🖤🍂


5 MAY 2020 AT 10:51

थोड़ी अज़ीब, मगर खौफनाक ये बीमारी है

इंसानियत पे, दुनिया पे पड़ रही भारी है

साथ मिलकर लड़ना पड़ेगा, जंग ये हमारी है

बस घरों मे रहना, और साथ देना, कोशिशें जारी है।


25 MAR 2020 AT 18:29

दिन पर दिन ना जाने एक तस्वीर बनती जा रही है,
दुनिया अब हमारी कश्मीर बनती जा रही है |


30 MAY 2020 AT 11:45

Corona ka earthquake ka cyclone ka, sabka badla lega tera 2020


13 JUN 2020 AT 10:57

Corona - I have come to take
your life
People - We don't wanna die
Corona - Then start living first

Corona has left the chat


11 JUN 2020 AT 11:24

We can't even see our visible enemies
so how can we an invisible one


20 APR 2020 AT 22:22

Please Wear a mask
Its not a big task
Dont put yourself at risk


22 MAR 2020 AT 17:29


24 APR AT 16:45