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Jatin Aswal
28 MAY AT 16:17

Your memories stayed longer than you did.
Why didn't you teach them
how to betray and leave?


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Maria Sufia
5 JUN 2017 AT 23:20

I bulit a house
At the shore of the
Ocean of your memories
And enjoyed its cool waves
Occasionally kissing my feet.

But the ocean turned fatal
The waves turned lethal
And the same moana
That I so cherished
Engulfed me in its rage.


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Jatin Aswal
5 MAY AT 19:30

When we are in love, we are similar to a fish swimming under water.

What happens when a fish is pulled out of water? It perceives pain and fights for its life. After five minutes, the damage becomes irreversible. It starts suffocating and enters the state of paralysis. And after ten more minutes, it eventually dies. That's how breakup feels like.

When we are taken out of love, we suffocate. We try to call or text our ex. We feel the pain of heartbreak. But unlike fish we don't die in an hour when taken out of love. Instead we remain in that state of unfeeling, endless oblivion for months until we learn to adapt and live without love for some time.


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Raadhika Vyas
3 JUL AT 15:35

11th Dec, 2015 At 2.A.M.

She wakes up zippily
As her eyes were so restless ,
Millions of thoughts were
Just roaming in her mind,
Thousands of emotions were
Playing in her heart,

And her soul had
Hurricane of Questions like
What did I wrong to him?
Why he is not calling
Or messaging me?
Why his whatsapp status
Seems for someone else?

After all these torments she fell
Asleep After crying at 4:30 A.M.
She wanted to be free from the
Cage of her thoughts and called him at 9 P.M.

She: I wanted to meet you tomorrow
As I want to sort everything between us.
He: I don't want to meet you
As I have got someone else and
You can "MOVE ON".

And that two word "Move One"
Was the end of her 3 months mental suffering.


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Harsh Snehanshu
27 AUG 2017 AT 22:24

Last time we met,
your eyes gave me
two options.

One to walk away,
the other to stay.

I decided to stay.
You chose
the other option.


The Option Not Chosen. #YoPoWriMo #Breakup #Love #Option


Amol Gade
16 AUG AT 9:24

From ' We destined to meet 😍'

to ' Why did we meet 😢'

life goes on🏂.


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Dharmendra Katiyar
28 OCT 2017 AT 20:33

Break Up Story!

Their words at the time of separation gave complex to the edges of swords.



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