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13 MAY 2020 AT 23:31

ये रिवायत-ए-इश्क़ है हुज़ूर, अज़ब ही इसका दस्तूर है,
कोई मजबूर होकर दूर है, तो कोई दूर होकर मजबूर है।


7 APR AT 16:28

घर में देखा तो एक नया घर नजर आया ...
लगता है घर पर कोई मेहमान आया हुआ है |||


17 DEC 2018 AT 10:40

कभी देख रही थी,
कभी छू रही थी,
बड़े प्यार से सहला रही थी,
अपनी नन्हे मासूम को
अब भी दुनिया से बचा रही थी,
वाकिफ़ नही थी
या शायद खुद को मना रही थी,
जो सो गया था हमेशा के लिए,
उसे बार बार जगा रही थी......


1 JAN 2020 AT 14:30

The egg is laid on the muddy soil,
A soul is going to be born,
The slight trembles brings us joy,
A small crack, and we watch in awe.

A small head pops up searching for its mother,
A small cry turns the miserable into a rich man,
The world suddenly becomes a beautiful field of flowers,
A new life is born,
A new day has begun.


12 JAN 2019 AT 23:38

We all are just as a Baby Bird..

walking into it blind, hungry & unaware of our Wings


26 MAY 2018 AT 2:16

Tinka tinka jod k tuney mere khatir hai ghar bnayi....
Bs av toh main is ande se bhi hu bahar aayi,
Maa main janti hu bas tujhe ek...
Anjaan hu ki jahaan main rehte v hai kya jeev anek,
Av main na chal pati hu aur na hi udd pati hu...
Jab bhi bhukh lgti hai mujhko ,
Tere chonch se apne muh me main
bhi niwala pati hu...
Har muskil se bachaane ko
maa tu tatpar rehti hai...
Hamein is jaalim duniya se
har pal bach k rehne ko kehti hai...
Upar dekhu toh khula aasman aur
niche dharti dikhti hai...
Dheere-dheere ab badi huyi main ...
Ab sab kuchh samajhti hu..
Tujhe udte dekh k maa....
Main v apne pankh faila sang
tere udna chahti hu....
Ho chuki hu ab bdi maa main ...
Per fir bhi aaj bhi teri bachchi hu.....


2 MAY 2020 AT 21:50

" O hello baby bird....
I didn't touched you
It doesn't mean that
I am not loving you."


19 OCT 2019 AT 22:36

She was a baby bird ,Peeking out from egg
When she took a look, She decided never to come out in this selfish world!


1 JUL 2018 AT 17:00

Duniya me Aya na tha....
Duniya me Anne wala tha....
Duniya me aya to MAA ka asiyana paya ...


26 JUN 2018 AT 20:34

Outside my window , i see

While sitting alone on the wooden chair dreaming of you i see a beautiful black&white baby bird who's activities were just same as yours , she was teasing another baby bird sitting aside her which seems to be her favourite pass time .
After teasing each other they ran towards a empty water bottle fallen on the ground and started kicking one by one . And then suddenly weather goes bad and started raining and that baby bird started jumping on the ground happily , enjoying rain at the fullest .
It seems like i was just there to see her happy. and suddenly i blink my eyes and she was not there , i tried very hard to find her but I couldn't .......... as you