Papa is out of station for some business work.
Sleeping with mummy in their room for a night. 

Mummy- itne sade sade muh kyu bna rahi h? 😒

Me- Aapke area me network hi nhi aa rahe yr😕😕

My room, my area 😎
#missing 🙁

Cuz I love my room and habitual to sleeping their only. Even though it took time to post this quote even . I know how difficult it has been for me ... To post it in this low network. ** reply of mummy is better not to be revealed, I hope you understand 😅 what would have happened next 🙈🙈 no one would be in need to ask 😌😌😛 I guess am not alone, other too suffer this problem 🙊hope so ✌️ #yqbaba #night_tales #parents #real_story_based_writing #habits #network #area #missing hi

21 FEB AT 22:43

Drive slowly.This is 

'Bakari Prone  Area'


24 JUN 2017 AT 11:09

O ' girl !
I am your pie '
you are a circle of my life,
Even if radius is in square ;
Your heart 's area is my 'constant' desire !!!


19 MAY 2017 AT 22:56