Speed breaker before a Zebra Crossing...
To prevent vehicles burn rubber with brakes, the distant loyal whip!
Where Pedestrians undermine 'it' to enjoy a random free walking,
Named not after Zebra, the animal but state of mind, sighs the strip!

We need a speed breaker to make someone aware of a #ZebraCrossing ahead, Pedestrians live a Thug life by labelling the whole road as one! #india #yqbaba

4 NOV 2017 AT 17:19

गाड़ी चलाने वाले 
कृप्या road पर दे ध्यान
Zebra crossing है कहते इसे
तो slow down your car

#trafficgyaan #zebracrossing I always cross a road by walking on a zebra crossing but the drivers have no patience to wait. Well !! There have been days when I was lucky enough to save a life. #wake up humans. Deeksha Ravindra Adiga thank you.

20 FEB 2017 AT 19:53