This night
Hear my dead speech under the bled sky,
Drive my cold atoms to rest before I fie,
Place my skeleton in a closet ;
My languid soul can't see your Humanity die.

And today, we witnessed another death of our defender in Kashmir. Kashmir , the land of paraside ? I can sit miles away and merely think of the girl who lost her dad, merely write few lines for the one who died , merely update my status full of grief , merely shed a few tears and then carry on with my life. But you see, I have an option to move on with my stuff. What do I say of the ones whose life got stagnated today ? We read it so many times about the death of ppl from our security forces & we certainly do our part : Outrage , Protests , Status updates & talks. Yes I get u ; what else r we supposed to do ? Hear them once crying ; u will get 2 know what needs to be done. Our parents may die ; but a normal death. Ever thought of the kids of our dead security forces ? Their children are wdout their parents for you , for me ; for us. Ever thought of d outrage of a teen kid whose dad gets killed to protect us ? Okay, u are quite busy. I get it. But let me share wd u a secret ; u survive today, u are reading this right now because they are dead ! They got dead protecting u ! And if it still is unable to instill a bit of embarrassment in u for ur such a survival where u don't even think of them for a mere second in your life ; then dude, your humanity is long ago dead but I wish u as human live long & till plethora of years gifted by someone else's death , may u survive ! #kashmir #yqbaba #death #yqtales #NaPoWriMo #tpmd #humanityisdead

23 JUN AT 23:43