Hmne to bs unse chnd lmho ki qurbat mangi thi  
Unse is kadr ishq ke gurbat ki umeed na thi



Quench the thirst of my soul
by showering your love,
the way, the drops of rain
soothe the heat of the earth.

Be my sun and
I will absorb your warmth
to let my soul reflect 
the colours of a rainbow

Or be my moon and
I will bathe in your light
to let my soul adorn the sky
with the colours of a moonbow

Pinterest image Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It makes you a beautiful person, reflecting the true colours of your soul. The colours of a rainbow are the true colours that a soul can reflect. Source (sun or moon) may be different but the outcome is the ultimate beauty and love, whether as a rainbow or a moonbow #yqbaba #musing #rainbow

22 NOV AT 12:42

"How to heal a broken heart?"

- You don't. You weave it with your smiles and make it beautiful.
One day someone is gonna fall for it
For sure

How to heal a broken heart? #musing

20 NOV AT 16:39