She believed in miracles. 
And then one happened. ❤🌸

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"Miracles do happen " she used to say. Those fairy tales are true she believed. Cinderella meeting her Prince Charming👸. Little Mermaid & her love💕 .Sleeping Beauty being awakened by a prince. 💖She believed them all. . . . . And as they say" strong belief is never a waste." One fine day a miracle happened to her. She met him & those spark ✨ she felt in an instant. She is just as happy to be with the thought 💭 that she was blessed with a miracle in her life. He came.....he talked and the talks became endless. The conversations deeper. She was just so mesmerized by his charm. She called him her "Greek god" & trusted him with all her heart. ♥ Yes miracles do happen❤ . . . . #miracles #miraclesdohappen #miraclesoflove #trust #trusted #trustyourinstincts #trustyourgod #trust_urself


His dad were fighting from cancer,
HE was tensed,
SHE was praying, 
HE said 'ye prayer and all se kuch nae hota'
And just the doctor came  'your dad survived n it's a real miracle '
HE looked at her 
SHE smiled...


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