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YourQuote Baba
6 JUL AT 13:10

Happy Kissing Day!

1. Use: Imagine
And share what could have been with the depth of your imagination.

2. Share the experience of your first kiss.


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YourQuote Baba
3 DEC 2017 AT 19:55

Dear Storytellers,

Sunday is the perfect day for story writing. Away from the hustle bustle of maintaining life, today let your imagination flow.

1. Word of the day is: IMAGINE.
Use the word in your story/poem and make us look beyond the obvious.

2. Write a story which includes the phrase "I wish I could have........."

3. Write a story which has two characters and one situation.

For example: A son and a dad who had to cook dinner for the first time because the mother was out of town.

(P.S. - Avoid using dialogue tags like: he said, she said)


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Kumar Aakash
2 OCT 2017 AT 18:28

It's easy to Imagine ourself SUCCESSFUL, and so it is to Imagine FALIURE...
Feeling develops the Mental Image what we hold...
Our mental Image must be Charged with FEELING to get Results...



Priyangi Naithani
4 DEC 2017 AT 0:10

I never knew how to cook. But I somehow managed to chef your favourite pasta 😊. I was allergic to those flowers,but still I decorated the room with your favourite flowers,on your birthday😊. And the dress you bought for me ,(which I wore to the party, 'coz you wanted me to),oh I really hated that colour 😅. And that joke ofcourse, remember when none of your friends laughed at it, but I did, was the lamest joke ever 😬😀!!!
You cant even "imagine" how much of myself, i gave up on you. And you, remember how you ended up it all with just a SORRY...😶😶😶


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Kumar Kashyap
6 JUL AT 15:38

चार कदम वो दूर खड़ी शरमाती सी इठलाती हो ,
धीमे-धीमे क़दमों से चलकर पास मेरे वो आती हो !
बस एक कदम की दूरी पर रुक जाती वो मदमाती-सी ,
फिर मैं बाँहों में भर लेता छुईमुई बन लिपट ही जाती वो !!

उसके कन्धों पर एक हाथ और दूजा हाथ कमर पर हो ,
फूलों सा कोमल तन उसका मेरे तन के बिस्तर पर हो !
मेरी अंगुलियाँ जिस्म पे उसके सरकती जाये ऐसे ही ,
जैसे पूरी दुनिया कब्जे में करता एक सिकंदर हो !!

उसके कानों के पास मैं अपने होठों को फिर ले जाता ,
रति-रस पीने को तड़प रहे भौंरों के गीत सुना जाता !
उसके साँसों की सरगम से मेरे साँसों की तान मिले ,
वो मेरी प्यास बुझा देती मैं उसकी तपन बुझा देता !!

जीवन का पहला चुम्बन तो साँसों से साँसों का ही हो ,
नजरों से नजरों का नजरों को अनुपम प्यार दिखाना हो !
अल्फ़ाज़ होंठ ,साँसों की धुन,दो जिस्म मिलें संगीत बने ,
कुछ ऐसा हो पहला चुम्बन जो सात जनम की प्रीत बने !!



B Pinaki Ranjan
3 DEC 2017 AT 23:35

I failed to imagine your voice,
I'm still stuck in the lyrics.



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