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#habitsdiehard quotes

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Miss Zaidi 9 DEC 2017 AT 13:56

I don't know what to do
Its my dangerous habit which I want to remove,
Biting nails has become my favourite hobby
I don't care whether in ground or lobby,
But I can't control because nails are so tasty
I eat them all very fastly,
I want to cease it
But I don't know how to treat it 😓


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Daksha Budholiya 7 DEC 2017 AT 20:21

"I'm compelled of my habits"


"I compel my habits to my will"


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Diwa 8 DEC 2017 AT 14:16

A habit that defines me?
I drag, on a stick, when I'm angry;
And, even, when I'm not, really.
I take a twig, make it a meal;
When I don't have the time,
To conjure a proper fill.
It helps me chill.
It enables me to think.
As if, each problem,
Goes nil; with each, sacred toke.


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Pompi Das 7 DEC 2017 AT 22:31

Habit of remembering you,
Every day Is really hard to break..
This risk I never wanna take..
You may betrayed.,,
But I'm sure the love You gave
That wasn't Fake..


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Sara Jothi 8 DEC 2017 AT 1:13

I can't sleep
with lights on,
unlike back then
when I was a kid.

I've changed since,
and like it dark.

from the time
I began wrapping you
around myself
before bed.


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Trishna 9 DEC 2017 AT 21:11

Meri zindagi me krde jo khushiya
Aisi "barkat" ban chuke Ho tum..!!
Jo ruh mein bas jaaye,
Aisi "mohobbat" ban chuke Ho tum..!!


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Abhinav Nair 8 DEC 2017 AT 13:35

Five minutes to daybreak,
yet another five, snooze, I fake.
Life's a journey, seldom in hurry,
and when it is, oh, I do have the luxury
of elite debauchery.
Guilt, is it? It ain't my cup of tea.
For, nothing's worth a piece of my reason, not yet,
and there's always another morn
to deal with self treason!
Relationships, I let loose,
like baby butterflies on a summer noon.
Seldom do they choose not to return;
for, an uncouth Sun, and wilting flowers,
aren't mine to blame!
I'll hold them close, for a spring recluse;
aren't they mine then, only for me to tame?
Sun sets. Sunsets are a myth,
like dragons, mermaids, angels, and Love.
I'd rather save my time for a cup of coffee, than write a poem,
on crimson sky, retiring birds and the peeking Moon.
Maybe another day, I would. Why today?
Ah, and I'm back home, to my private space
of acceptance, repentance, and mirrors that show all, but my face.
Maybe, tomorrow I'll search.
My bed, my coffin, a serene dungeon of forgiving spirits.
I rest for a while, a little more;
but, isn't sleep a dreaded friend, seldom welcome?
At least, not today. Not now.
Maybe, tomorrow.


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Chandra Patel 8 DEC 2017 AT 10:39

People Say Habits Die Hard,
Can Anyone Tell Me
If I'm Still His Habit????


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Bharath Nandibhatla 10 DEC 2017 AT 9:16

When you left,
it almost felt like
shedding a part of me.

And a while later,
I shed an old habit.
Good riddance, this once!

I let people take
me for granted.
I believed it's a privilege
they earn from my love.

When you left, though,
I realised it's an exit ticket.

Those in my world,
try taking me for granted,
and I'll open the door for you.


Let me know if you need an exit ticket.

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Ragini Chowrasia 7 DEC 2017 AT 20:42

Come on dude
Hurt me once again
Once again I'll trust you

And you know what
Break me as many times you want
I'll come up to you again
The good me will never hate you

But the day that dies
You'll understand where you stand
I'll show you who I am
How strong will power I possess

And that will be the day
When you'll hate yourself
Just as I do
Just as I hate myself, today
In loving u so badly, passionately


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