Have you ever had a time day moment where the flag towel hands moods feelings weren't the only thing you wanted to throw up
Have you ever had a second leading to minutes hours days months of built-in hurt tears pain taunting you 
Have you ever just felt like you don't matter yet everything and everyone else does not lost found thought about only for worse never​ bettering
Have you ever just hoped your whole Life throuh worse for a eternity moment filled with peace love smiles happiness joy of not lacking those things taken for granted without consent care remorse 
Have you ever been so full on bad days uncomfortable patterns ageing into years 
Yet empty on love trust smiles truth support compassionate family friends loved ones sincerely appreciative of you and your​ Life
Have I ever answered questions to questions such as these indeed I askec answered questions with questions for the sake of me living of dying I'm misunderstood​ as to where I stand fall coming or going damned if I do and if I don't

#YQbaba #words #JusLhe #Lhe ... Tired of bad things no peace of mind. I was robbed Saturday people rather kill steal and destroy. 😭😩💔 Others don't care and family don't ask wouldn't know its not a benefit for them #fml

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