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Philonoist 🌀 1 DEC AT 15:10

Apki kismat tabhi aap k sath dega
Jab aap uss mukam mai
Pohoch ne k liye
Apni puri chahat ko kosis mai badal denge



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Hitesh L. Goswami 23 NOV AT 10:59

Willingness of a Dream will keep your will alive.


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Nandita Sarkar 20 NOV AT 23:22

// I love you in a more intense way //

I shut my eyes and
Feel my only company with you,
In my thoughts,
The world has lost
Completely dead lost,
My thoughts are crabbed and sallow,
I love you more than I love myself
I love you in a more intense way,
My heart is bleeding tears
I am willing for you
My heart wants you to be mine,
Come, strike a gaze with me
Let me be you
Let me feel you
I want to see me in you.
Come, close to me
I want to penetrate you
Under your skin
With a knife, I used to sharpen edges by my teeth,
I dip it every day in poison,
I want to see you floating in your own blood
I want to see you screaming in pain,
The pain is caused,
my soul has forgotten me,
The pain is caused,
I have lost me,
But I love you more than I love myself
I Love you in a more intense way.


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Amrithraj Ammembal 19 NOV AT 13:06

An Open Heart

The past has a lot to say..
If you're willing to listen!

The present has lots to show..
If you're willing to see!!

The future will have lots to teach..
If you're willing to learn!!


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