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Harish Satheesan
16 MAY 2017 AT 23:01

The crisp warmth of a recent relationship indulges a mature couple to perform adorable acts and intimate things because their thoughts resonate in the same frequency. Down the road, when they put time in, their thoughts scatter and their relationship crumbles down bit by bit. At this stage, after a harsh argument and a prolonged consolidation by the male, in that silence, their initial crispy warmth of love pops in and they get intimate and adorable again. That's why females, madly in love, sweat and tend to argue a lot.



YourQuote Baba
30 DEC 2016 AT 20:24

Dearest Writers,

As the year draws to a close, I urge you to make a resolution to write everyday. I will help you with ideas and games. The last year, you didn't have YourQuote, but this year, you do. We have a lot of publishing tie-ups in line. Around 20 of you will get your publishing opportunities in the next one year. Don't miss this chance.

1. The word of the day is CLOSE. Open your minds and come up with something that makes me go wow.

2. Fill in the blank: My favourite 2016 moment was ______________


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Srishti Tiwari
28 DEC 2016 AT 23:13

Every moment of their life is like burning coal
but still ...
They try to find 'warm happiness' in their goal.


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YourQuote Baba
28 DEC 2016 AT 20:42

Dear Writers,

Hope you are keeping warm this winter.

1. The word of the day is WARM. Come up with a story/poem/oneliner that has the word.

2. Fill in the blank: Every day, I _________________.


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20 DEC 2017 AT 14:35

A sweater--soft and warm;
Her hands, creased and veined;
Yet, perfect, still, are the stitches;
Made tenderly, by her fingers.
Another pièce de résistance,
For her dearest grandchild--
A splash of many colors,
An emblem of love.


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Aayushi Sonkar
25 MAY 2017 AT 15:05

I am a being drenched in deadly nightshades, with lips too chilled like snow and a heart so warm like the color red of cherries.


A wild heart being. So warm.
#yqbaba #lips #chilled #heart #warm


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