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jagnya prakash 5 JUN AT 13:37

Paryabaran utana kshamata toh rakhti hi he ki khud ko restore karsake, joska jhalak lockdown me dikhadiya h..🌱

Chhota bankar rahoge toh degi har wo khushi, bade hone par maa v god se utardeti he.🍂🍁

yahan jina hai toh santulan banaye rakho..warna wo khud ko restore karlegi hamare jan k kimat par🐾


Akash Shrivastava 18 JUL AT 23:46

Time is money! Indeed it is.
But that money,
whose value is different for everyone.
It solely depends on you,
how much you value it.


Priyanka More 2 OCT 2017 AT 0:32

Coffee​ stains
were not just stains,
Those were sign of hardwork and sustainability.


Ayman Jamal 3 OCT 2017 AT 18:00

दुआ मांगनी हुई जब खैरियत की,
मैंने बस एक पौधा लगा दिया।


Prerna Mishra 24 MAY 2019 AT 13:35

Sustainability plays a key role while learning and practicing anything 👍🏇⛷️⛹️🏋️🚴


Bibhuti 11 MAY AT 11:52

खुद के लिए
सतत विकास का पालन करो देश के लिए
अर्थव्यवस्था पर ना रहा अब कोई भरोसा
गवर्मेंट हो या प्राइवेट सब पर छाया है जो करोना का नशा


Raja Das 11 NOV 2019 AT 22:53

Its not about Certificates, its all about Knowledge.
Its not about Money, its all about Happiness.
Its not about Power, its all about Humanity.
Its not only about Growth, its Sustanable Growth.
Its not about Me, its all about We.


Shreya Prakhar 28 JUL AT 14:40

World Nature Conservation Day!🌎🌻🌲

We are not the heir of the whole Earth.
Evenif these natural resources have embraced us, we must not neglect that we are the debtors of these innate assets,and we have to sustain it anyhow for a better life at a global level.


Nandhini Babu 5 JUN AT 21:25

Earth need some efforts from humans to keep clean and green.
The smallest contribution from each of us can make a big difference.
Don't let the earth cry out...
We put our hands together to wipe away the tears of our earth.


Anjali 6 JAN AT 1:31

Medicine, engineering, law, money etc,
We need all of this for sustainable life...
Poet, love, qoutes, music is what keeps us alive....