Farther and farther apart 
I miss my spaces 
My spaces in your life
And your spaces 
In my life. 

(rest in caption)

My space for my life Was filled by you Your proximate words Pushed me even closer to you Your breathe Remained me as am alive My love for you Whisked me gently to you To your arm, Where you wrapped me around In the highs and lows! All at once Just as dreams you flew away Farther and farther apart Now this space pierce me Reason for your walk away, May be at your own wish You hail me with your new settles I pretend to smile to render your hail Which holds me to feel your happy My heart screams out to fly Thusly I can feel you as close Farther and farther apart You never forget to wrack me Wrack me with your thoughts Where I forget myself I lay down for no reason Hammered for such thoughts Blown away from my way Expects you to fill your space again In my life I wait as long as you wish Because you stay Farther and farther apart You nailed me for your way I starve for your space Your space in my life Will you give me back my space But this time as my own space Not to fill you in that But to see me as such Which I wished during our spaces Farther and farther apart You won your solace Where I lost my own I now feel the pain of your cuddle Which once was my favorite Nevertheless you render my space I suffer with your thoughts and absence But that is not my new version To call you back in my life Where you stay farther and farther apart I wish to see you in my dreams But am the same who wish not to appear in real I feel wrecked Which cannot be bothered by you As you stay Farther and farther apart Oh my love! Nothing to worry As I learn to stop my heart Which beats for you forever To stop asking my space My space in my life Since you were the space once And never asks you to give it To me back ! Farther and farther apart You stay I present my space when you need it almost Coz at times you think I won't be there to cuddle you As you wish! At last I name our story as Farther and farther apart! #give #a long poem which came out as a song #love#pain#missed#yarns#romance#cuddle#spaces#yqbaba#yopowrimo#my long post #

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