They named it "The substance abuse". 
'Numb', that is what he must have felt while standing 'one step closer' to death. Maybe his invoiced pain weakened his powerful screams to the extent where he finally craved for silence 'from the inside'. 
Did that melodious sound of the instruments echoing inside recording room scorched his wounds? Or was it 'easier to run' rather than being 'victimized' by impending voices? I bet, when his dreams were reeling, he hit that 'castle of glass' full of 'sharp edges' until he beheld the first 'shadow of the day'. 
The agony, must have hovered through his spine along with his last performance. Instead of those million words he could have said, he offered the world an unrecognizable goodbye & yet they named it - 
"The substance abuse".

Dear Chester Bennington, When suffocation is unending; know that it isn't the time to 'mark the graves' because there's always, always 'one more light' when you feel 'powerless' from 'skin to bone'. Rest in peace.😢 A tribute to my idol - a smashing voice who changed the definition of 'Rock music' for millions. #yqbaba YourQuote Baba #challenge #wordoftheday #recognize #quote #Linkinpark #tribute #chazzy #legend #suicide #drugs #misery #pain #music #life #sp