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D Payal Mishra 3 HOURS AGO

Your situations are never chronic.
It's not your problems which are always visible.
Sometimes, you can share around those happy moments which never even existed in your story and the person listening, will surely smile:)

Hang on!
You just created a happy moment in someone's life.


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Rishika Sinha YESTERDAY AT 23:50

Seldom it happens !
Eyes were gleamy,
Heart was felt,
Grin grew larger,
Like an idiot I rose up!
Saved every snap,
He published,
Those smiles were so touchy!
That I began finding reasons for those beams!
I mean really!
When was he last smiling so endlessly?
Never ever I had seen those,
Which tells me, we are never meant to walk hand in hand.
Those real felicity tells a story which I'm not meant to be part of.
But today, I didn't blew away like a fragile lover..!
But grinned like a seeker.
Is love really meant to walk together forever?
Maybe a yes!
But aren't their blissfulness a little more clamant than that headstrong craziness to keep them tied along?


Rachita Keshri YESTERDAY AT 22:25

Everyone is fighting their own fights..
Some with silence,
Some with a sweet smile,
Just don't be another reason for
one of their sighs..


Akansha tiwari 14 DEC AT 20:58

मुस्कुराहट एक ऐसी अदा है
जो सामने खड़े व्यक्ति की
फितरत समझा देती है


Udit Narayan 14 DEC AT 0:48

इक मेरा मन न सोता है न रोता है न जागता है।
केवल तुम्हारी याद में ये जिंदगी गुजारता है ॥


Namita Gupta 13 DEC AT 15:01

....if silence creates
thousands of QUESTIONS ,
Then smile creates ANSWERS...


Maansi Yaadav 12 DEC AT 21:41

If you own a good sense of
humour , you should be proud
of yourself . In the world of
sorrowful and sadist people you
own the power of bringing smiles .


Proud to bring smiles

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