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#sibling quotes

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Amol Gade 27 AUG 2018 AT 9:01

"Siblings" are
the best "objects"
to "experiment".


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The Beatific Writer 17 JAN AT 17:58



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Aranga Rajeeswar 25 FEB 2018 AT 16:21

U and ur sibling:
Calling bell rings,
"U go", " no u go"

2nd time rings,
"U go", " no u go"

3rd time,
U will open the door, accepting defeat.

"That bitch wins everytime 😏"


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 26 AUG 2018 AT 0:40

Happy Raksha Bandhan
To the favourite partner in crime
To the ghost story teller
To the legal theif of personal stuffs
To the feelings shareholder
And to the Tom of a Jerry.


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Pinky Jain 9 MAY AT 8:12

💕हरदम खुशियों के फूलों से जीवन तेरा गुलजार रहे
दूर रहे, पास रहे, अपनों में रहे, गैरों में रहे,,,,,
मैं रहूँ न चाहें पास तेरे, तू मेलों का हकदार रहे
है दिल से दुआ भाई तुझको है देती ये बहना तेरी
तू चमके आसमां में ऐसे, जैसे सूरज चाँद रहे...
तू जिये हजारों साल, साल में दिन भी 50हजार रहे
बुड्ढा होके खांसे खो-खो, तेरे बच्चे भी तुझसे परेशान रहें💕
यही है मेरी आरजू
हैप्पी बर्थडे टू यू
लव यू
गौड व्लैस यू


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B Pinaki Ranjan 6 AUG 2017 AT 20:23

The best thing about my sis is
She's better at hiding.
She's elder, I've heard.
But,I haven't seen her ever.


This's for my beautiful sis, I haven't ever seen.
#yqbaba #sibling

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Girls who have brothers, have two dads😊.


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Simran 12 APR AT 21:06

Before sending me on Earth
from the heaven,
God asked me
"What is your wish that
I can complete on your birth?"
Within a moment I replied,
"I want cutest, monstrous creatures
from the hell who can take care of mine
and I can trouble them"
God gifted me siblings😉


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Aparna Roy Chakrabarti 6 AUG 2017 AT 20:35

The best thing about my bro is
his smiling face while keep his
benedictory hand on my head.

But it's painful to me , that hand
became WAS instead of IS😥


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Sylvia Rosario 12 FEB AT 20:03

Seasons have past and there seemed no hope,
you have ultimately been the hardest sense to cope.

I still wonder why do you find me that awful,
while you could be my best suit, you turned out to be so dreadful.

All my life I've been lacking
of your love, sibling!
and you cared not to see
me sobbing, tripping and breaking.


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