No shot is as perfect as your gaze
That holds my heart in the very fraction of beat it executes in the moment
No shot is as perfect as your eyes
To loose myself in the euphoria of divinity
No shot is as perfect as your voice
That resonates in the numbest of moments I've been through
No shot is as perfect as the drug of your vicinity that I am always willing to take to ❤

Sometimes emotions are so very strong that it's hard to find the perfect match of all of it :) #shot#emotions#yqbaba #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with POOJA MISHRA

12 NOV AT 20:50

Let us drink a perfect shot of emotions and be lost in the euphoria of love ♥ ♥


12 NOV AT 20:13

You tried.you tried to shoot your shot
But it went on a direction that i never wanted.


6 NOV AT 20:58

Don't build extra bullets in your mind 
Just belive on my shot.....
The shot i m going to shoot will reach on right place right time with great explosion...
Such as you will start doubting your own  thoughts about me....


26 OCT AT 16:59