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Lakshika RS 9 HOURS AGO

heart let out
no emotions
and eyes
no tears
but the veins
failed to stop


Lakshika RS 10 HOURS AGO

self harm embraced me
everytime you repelled my love


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Hardik Taparia 8 DEC AT 12:27


Stop hurting yourself!
That rope and those cuts won't help you!

Stay up, keep living!
There's something special waiting here for you!


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Anjani ladki 6 DEC AT 0:37

She saw the knife and her wrist for the last
time,then she checked the closed door of her
And, finally...she gathered enough courage to
take action.
Ma opened the door and looked at her in sheer bewilderment!
"Ma, may I sleep with you tonight?"
Yeah, she slept between her mom and dad once again... Listening to their hopes for her future,all thoughts of self-harm started vanishing slowly.


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Ananya Agarwal 1 DEC AT 12:29

I am starting to
let my tears
fuel my weapons
I am starting to learn that
I need not sharpen my knife on my wrists
to prove I am strong as iron

(Rest in caption)


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Mariah De Rossi 29 NOV AT 11:04

And she was sorry to herself
for her bleeding scars.
Failing to numb her pain were
those fresh cuts.
Once loved honestly,that life
looked at her with hurt.
Guilty,she promised life to bring
her out of the dark.

She chose to be brave,one more time.
To free herself from the demons in her mind,
to her insecurities,she chose to be kind.
Away from her fears,far from their needs.
Near the gate of death,she learnt to live.


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