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A forbidden flower...
(Read in caption)

LOVELY YQIANS READ IT HERE... Suffocation of having sufficient, Even arguably more. Where lies the contentment? Rushing for infinity,a bitter smile Polluting sour innocence. Heart says have your moment of zilch. Have your moment to do nothing. Like an impossible answer of a probable question. Here lies the Symphony of life. Some metaphors are to be decoded. You can't stop with what you have. Standing still is like a forbidden flower. Beauty can be savoured,but... Run,run,run with all your core. Expand your expectations, Rich your experiences, Never feel that you are almost there. Cause every single day, You have to improve yourself. For not having more , But for being able to give more. #yqbaba #run #give #forbiddenflower

If someone promises 
to be with you forever...
Believe me dude,
Wear your shoes,,
And run faster as much as you can...

Beware of fake promises And just disappear from there😊😊😊👍👍👍 #run #yqbaba