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YourQuote Baba
20 NOV 2017 AT 19:20

Dear Writers,

1. Word of the day is VISIT. Use the word in your stories/one-liners/poems and make some magic happen.

2. Fill in the blank:

I was right there when _______________.


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Shruti Roy
20 NOV 2017 AT 23:33

I was Right there , when they tried to fix a dress code for me ,
But I refused to oblige,
I was Right there, when they forbade me from going out in the dark,
But I refused to listen ,
I was Right there , when they tried to refrain me from voicing my opinions against the men who had cast their dirty eyes upon me ,
But I didn't pay a heed
Because tonight I have decided to Break Free from the Societal restrictions imposed upon me as a Woman.



doll tawade
20 NOV 2017 AT 21:37

i was right there when he look at her with despicable look and naked her with his bare eyes and due to infamy, bending down she only just escape from there.


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Alka Vidya Pandey
21 NOV 2017 AT 0:22


I was right there when she screamed
Burning in the fire, the scenario seemed
Curbed by few, thrown in blue
When the flaming dew was an attacking cue
The dribbles ruined her appearance
But couldn't move her stance
The battle she fought in searing pain
Condemnation of picturesque went in vain
The people who visited stood statue
None had the courage to rescue
She never deserved to be ripped from soul
Your heart falsely tripped like bloody fool
She paid for your false imaginations
Barred by fear and dark invasion.


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Sayantani Choudhury
21 NOV 2017 AT 7:10

I was right there,when there was nobody else.
You were sitting alone and everything was just a mess!
I came to you to cure your scar,
And fell for you with out any bar...
Your love,tight hugs,kisses all are my treasure...
All the seared days have gone so it's time to cheer.
And yes! I was, I'm and I'll be always right there forever...



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