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Pooja Singh 9 MINUTES AGO

Those melancholic eyes,
with grave fear,
deep obscured into them.
Sought for some relieve,
sought for someone
over whom they can believe.
It was hard for them to find,
after all, no one has
ever to them been kind.
Cruelty is what they
have mostly seen,
since this world always
attested to remain mean.
Those despondent eyes
enclose a chronical within them,
it's only a passionate reader,
they are looking for;
the one who'll read
and mend the torment of;
what they have
restrained from so long...
Those gloomy eyes
scream the pain
which they suffered
while they were getting insane...
Those susceptible eyes
without doubt of an ace
have entrenched in their memory
that dreadful face;
who gave them
utter level of tribulation...
Those exhausted eyes,
carrying in them ample hate,
left with no other alternative
now relies on their fate...


varnita srivastava 33 MINUTES AGO

Being honest!
I never followed anyone except my ideals ,but damn it's you!
Somewhere I guess I lacked something that Couldn't realise you
"How you have taken all me"


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Prince Rai AN HOUR AGO

तुझे समझा सके ऐसे शब्द कहाँ रहे
तुझे ऱोक सकू वो रिश्ते ना रहे
तू कर तुझे जो करना है ए जिंदगी
बस तेरी उड़ान पे किसी और की नजर न रहे


Lalit jangda AN HOUR AGO

Don't laugh at anyone because nobody is perfect here.
Life is unpredictable.. today you are laughing at someone and it's possible that someday he will on your place and will laughing at you.


Prakriti Rai 2 HOURS AGO

I thought I was strong enough to let u see my vulnerable side.
I thought I would have the courage to show you my insecurities.
I thought you would care enough to at least listen.
I thought all those things but unfortunately, I was too naive.
I fell into your trap.
And I happily let you entrap me.


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