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8 MAR AT 12:30

Ensanguined my soul,
When you invited
me on your cremation.

Inundated with fragranced,
yet vaporized tears.
Vandalized my inner peace ,
Pierced me in and out.


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It'z Reyaaz
4 NOV 2017 AT 8:38

The only paradise, only universe,
A mother's womb..
Neither taught hatred nor politics,
Growing babies with love & care,
Still some disrespect a mother's womb..


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Zuhal Muradi
10 JUN 2017 AT 12:24

Fallen Paradise

I walk through redolent meadows of our broken destiny,
Over shattered promises and pernicious lies,
Through valleys of accidental entropy,
Over mountains looking down, considering my demise

Leaving behind crimson footprints,
Down a path of invisible light,
Into a world with rivers of venom
Perpetual darkness, eternal fright

Our bond was ineffable, a sort of fairytale,
Or so I thought before seeing your true self, unveiled
One last time I try to deny
These deceitful illusions that bring tears to my eyes

I wander through a paradise,
Blanketed by fallen fireflies

-Zuhal Muradi


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Falguni goyal
21 JAN AT 21:52

At the end of rainbow
you see, there's a Paradise!
Calling you, and you, without clue
don't you know there's someone
Waiting and Wanting you to feel
out of Blue!
Oh! Darling, Live this Autumn!
Please, Die Another Day.


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Dev Lahiri
28 FEB AT 16:43

Spread it ,
For the bud blossom.
Wanted some
heaven to taste,
You and me only,
Leaved the rest,
My fingers that travelled
So much,
Stopped to get wet,
Love was rolling down from
our lips,
Lust needed the support of
your perfect breast,
Becoming one was our goal..
The stars mounted on your body
Started to fall...
Alas! the dawn arrived on our body...!


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Zuhal Muradi
24 JUL 2017 AT 5:55

Stolen Warnings

We dance across the stormy platform, and somewhere along the way, the chains around my feet start to loosen, the burden on my mind breaks away, making me believe that the pain was just a mere illusion. How I wish for this to be my eternal fate, twirling through the stars at our feet and listening to the pendulum in our hearts accelerate.


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Yash Sharma
1 APR 2017 AT 8:34

कैद हूँ आज मैं अपने ही खयालों मे,
हकीकत की चाबी तो वो छीन के ले गए ||

कुछ सपने बुने थे प्यार से मैने,
उनके हर एक निशां भी तो वो बीन के ले गए ||



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