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13 DEC 2020 AT 1:20

Why a girl's bleeding is called
as an impure deed ?


2 JUN 2017 AT 23:21

Why? Because she bleeds for me.


19 APR AT 15:12

It's true


3 FEB 2018 AT 23:32

Pads should not be a choice
It should be a right for girls
Because it's not a taboo at all..


25 JUL 2017 AT 9:06

Either change its name,
Change your thinking.
Because, there's nothing to 'whisper' about it,
and the most vital question is,
"Why do we get it wrapped up and that too in a 'Shhhhh-Shhhh' way?!"
It's high time you shall be sensible and understanding of this topic awareness.
It's as natural as that of a child birth.


29 NOV 2020 AT 17:16

Help her to buy feminine pads
It's not a shameful act...



20 DEC 2020 AT 15:19

That bleeding is not impure
That bleeding is more important
That makes pain for 5-6 days
But due to that we all r here

Respect all girls 💕 and

Be with them
Really I appreciate with this quote


20 FEB 2018 AT 14:01

दबी दबी ज़बान में , इक कोशिश दबी दबी सी। दुनिया की नज़रों से लड़ती इक हिम्मत दबी दबी सी। दबे दबे उन आंसूओ में इक चीख दबी दबी सी। बचपन के खून में लतपथ इक जवानी दबी दबी सी।


9 FEB 2018 AT 16:59

We live in a society where
We were taught menstruation should be kept hidden and whispered.
But the question is why a natural process needs to be zippered!

We live in a country where
Cigarettes are sold in a way so fantastic.
But Pads are wrapped only in black plastic!

We live in a society where
Women are caged in home because of insecurity.
But they are not allowed in kitchen in the name of purity!

We live in a country where
People celebrate period of the goddess.
But ladies can’t enter the temple those five days!

We live in a society where
Media shows a single pad can absorb all the water of a pool.
But showcasing this kind of misconception isn’t really cool!

We live in a country where
Many women still uses old clothes instead of sanitary napkin;
And we need serious awareness about menstrual hygiene!!!


27 AUG 2020 AT 11:19

Why pollute / if necessary?

जरूरी है तो ,अपवित्र क्यों?