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Satvik Sharma
1 JAN AT 10:42

Hold me,
Like the Sun holds the Earth ,
Like the Sky holds the Stars ,
Like a candle holds light ,
And I promise to love you ,
like everyone loves
the very first day ,
of a new year.


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dev agarwal
31 DEC 2017 AT 18:21

ये साल भी निकल गया बहुत कुछ बदल गया
कुछ रिश्ते बदल गये तो कुछ अपने बदल गये

कुछ अनजान जहांन बन गए
तो कुछ यार अनजान बन गये
कुछ लोगो की सख्शियत के मुखोटे उतार गये

वक्त ने भी खेल खेले और कुछ सपने बदल गये
ना जाने कब लोगों की नजरो में हम बड़े हो गये

लड़ते-लड़ते खुद से इस साल
ज़िन्दगी के काफी तजुर्बे सिख गये
रोते-रोते हँसकर लोगों को हँसना सीख गये

किसी से होती थी बाते वो मुलाकाते बन गयी
और किसी की मुलाकाते यादे बन गयी

फिर भी खुश हूँ चाहे लोग बदल गए
में अब भी वही हूँ बस साल के अंक बदल गये


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1 JAN AT 8:05

Another year went by, wasted,
Another year of crimes,
Another year of corruption,
Another year of hatred,
Another year of disturbing peacefulness,
Another year of fights,
Yet another year of commitments and disloyalty...

Another year has come,
Another year of joy,
Another year of love,
Another year of care,
Another year of peace,
Another year of fulfillments,
Another year of forgiveness,
Yet another year of unbound happiness.


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Annie enigma
31 DEC 2017 AT 21:52

Every place you visit,
Leaves a trace of your soul
Albiet, it depends which soul you are wearing beneath your skin
That's why some places are known as graveyards and some are called beautiful gardens!


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Vaidehi Kadam
18 MAR AT 15:53

Navin varshachi suruvat kay khub hot aahe.
Aaj Navin varsha ani udya exam Asa apghat hot aahe.
Aata hasaycha ki radaycha hey samjne suddha kathin hot aahe.

Navin varshachya khup khup subhecha.



Saloni Modi
31 DEC 2017 AT 8:54

Don't dumb yourself to live the same year 100 times
call those days as your only life.

Give a fresh start to this NEW YEAR,
Be fearless
Enjoy every moment
Call this a life
Life becomes limitless.!



Sankalp Raj Tripathi
30 DEC 2017 AT 22:28

The parents watched award show on television and ate matar paneer while the child spent the evening partying in the most expensive cafe of the city. They bought happiness in 200 bucks while the child bought it for 10k.

This is how they welcomed the New Year. Here, neither is money an issue, nor is the celebration. Ironically, the money the child spent was of parents. How beautiful it would have been had they spent those moments and stepped in the New Year- Together.




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