to see
the allegiance of my love
you won't need a sword.
just tear my heart a bit with your beautifully polished nails.
that blood running you see
is my love flowing for you.
once you see it
seal it again with your glittery lips
and leave a mark of your territory,
and I'm yours...


23 MAY AT 12:30

People with great nails can not be mediocre people ...
Either they have a lot of time as they have no work...
Or they have worked their asses off for the money required for the maintenance...💅💅


14 MAY AT 14:50

 I love to paint my nails red, 
To prove that I am lady of stature,
Who always walks ahead. 

I love to paint my nails red, 
Camouflaging the God given tool, 
Which can also be the cause for a bloodshed, 
If anyone tries to defy my moral rights.

#YQBaba #nails Bhavesh thank you for giving me this word. Sorry, I can’t write in hindi, so I wrote in English. I really hope that this works.

28 FEB AT 3:59