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#long quotes

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Mayank Roy 21 DEC 2018 AT 13:05

It took time,
but I understood
that walking along
is more important than
walking long.


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Kumar Aakash 30 JUL 2018 AT 17:31

So short to do
something and
too long to do
it's Time...


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Saurav Chaudhary 9 JAN 2018 AT 21:08



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Bhavesh 6 AUG 2018 AT 13:18


मैं सहर का पहरेदार
एक रात यूँ टहलता हूँ ।
हर गूँजती तन्हाई में
मैं वक़्त को टटोलता हूँ ।
तू धड़क सी आ चुकी
मेरी रूह में आ बैठी है ।
तेरी चाँदनी के आग़ोश में
हर मोड़ को मैं तकता हूँ ।


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Kirti Jain 23 APR 2017 AT 15:51

Britishers are better than you dear
At least they stayed for long
before stealing something


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Dhanapati G. 11 DEC 2018 AT 8:31

I won't be here for too long ,

But I'll be there for you all along .


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Visswanath SG SG 22 JUL 2018 AT 14:43

Beast became the Best...
When he saw her eyes First...
Her eyes attacked the Heart...
He thought that she was one of his Part...
He thought that his life was an amazing Art...
The conversation was started like a War...
The war changed into the River of Care...
But, that War ended Bare without any Roar...
He missed that ANGEL, Because of his Birth...
But, he didn't attempt the suicide to Death...
He find the solution First...
That is,
Birth and Death is the common Feast...
Don't Waste the living time for this silly Caste...
Love everyone Most like this Beast...
Absolutely you will become one of the Best...
Use this weapon (LOVE) to Reform the world...
Written By this Beast


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Piyush Saini 30 JAN 2017 AT 15:11

It's been so long,
Still she is waiting for her SON :)

Still she is waiting that he'll come and hold her hand to be her walking stick for the rest of her life.


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©Fathima Shamla 27 APR 2018 AT 22:58

Some messages long for ages to convey.


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©Fathima Shamla 31 MAR 2018 AT 9:01

Dreams are like a small seed, it takes a long time to grow.


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