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Too down too storm striken
I  am so bad sometime in my pain
Swallowed by whale of time hell
My good tym gone nd worst tym is on
Cozz my life is stopped Stucked!!may my happy waalae vacation come back 

        I wish I could do tym reset
#🤤 my reset for vacation😋😘

Challenge 1: If you could hit the #reset button to your life, would you do it? And why would you do it or not do it? Challenge 2: A reverso piece when read from top to bottom has one meaning and when it is read from the bottom to the top it has another meaning. Here's an example: incomplete is ink without paper. Now, read it from the bottom to the top. Here you play with active and passive voice. Try it with longer sentences. Step out of your comfort zone. Use #ReversoPoem #yqbaba #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba#lack of fun#stucked in exam#reset