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Akash Tripathi 8 DEC AT 23:27

अच्छे ने अच्छा और
और बुरे ने बुरा जाना मुझे,

क्यों की जिसकी जितनी जरूरत थी
उसने उतना ही पहचाना मुझे ।।


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Timothy D. Roberts 8 DEC AT 17:10

Ultimately, i have this belief that everyone is worth knowing. For that reason, i reach out to strangers, and difficult people, and continue to make myself available, vulnerable, and yes, knowable with no real filters. And because of that, over the years i've met some great people and learned a great many things that i likely would not have otherwise. God is no respector of persons, so why should i be.

Take it. Test it. Teach it.


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kanchan sharma 8 DEC AT 14:41

It's amazing how we
Can think we know
Someone and still don't
Know them at all....


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Zohra Shamim 5 DEC AT 7:34

So, he never approached again,
Knowing that she herself would
Apologise anyways.
And one day ,
'what he knew' turned to 'what he thought' !!!


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Elwin Soji 1 DEC AT 3:59

Act Accordingly

[9]After all, a king who cultivates the field is an advantage to the land.
Ecclesiastes 5:9(nasb)

God has appointed us as "the king" over certain things, So dont take it *just like that* once in a while Test it, Try it. Come down from your comfort zone. Pray & Intercede for helpless people; take Initiatives, and Responsibilities Because there are things in this world which will not be PERFECTED without us


#knowing our response to our responsibility

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Neha 29 NOV AT 21:08

Knowing & Understanding a thing are different. Because, what you know is preserved in your mind but what you understand lets your mind to create different ideas.


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