A girl's guide to her latest friend

"She is too touchy" "Not trustworthy" "Lies too much mahn" "Keeps bitching and judging" Sitting by the corner I heard the whispers floating around People were plenty Talking about how bad was her latest picture On instagram; the one with a pout. She walks into the class And they look at her with a smothered smirk I see some bending their head down To not to be visible to her; She doesn't show, but clearly she is irked. I am no poet to notice her beauty, Not stable enough to read her the frowns that have left behind lines I have no clue whether to pay heed to what people told me about her Or stay back and watch until I can decide. How do they know her? When she herself is finding Her own whereabouts these days; Do they not notice that The lips that SUPPOSEDLY kissed a boy senseless Have now been sealed with the judgemental tape. She sits beside me And asks "wassup?!" I quickly change the topic to her Afraid, that I might blurt. Things, that people told me Not to mention in front of her Secrets, people have told me, Things which need to be kept under wraps, shushed. Warning bells of peeping eyes Ring around in my head, But by the time, I decide to run She starts telling me how she wants things to mend. She talks of someone whom she lost In game of lies, and ego and misunderstandings, all intentional; She says she misses him She misses all of them ; Says they were like family But to me, they seem like a Bunch of date stealing, insensitive bastards. Her eyes sprinkle upon me The shower Of the feeling of her not lying to me But it burns me, as people's warnings and whispers run and come back strikingly. Her hands that I often find Beside mine, wanting to be filled With the sense of comfort that She lost with her friends, the ones she now bitches and cries about, Make me want to fill them and feel warm alongside One last time, but this fore fear Of someone leaving me again Makes me take my hand in front of me And place them on my eyes. She finds a good friend with a good listener in me; Thank god she does not know of my conditionally photographic memory Things she says, I will always remember How she wants to talk to the people Who will snatch the new friend from me. She does not realize The amount of thoughts that enter my mind Each time she talks about after this last year at school, How she wants to bid everything a forever goodbye. I see people walking around Laughing at us from behind the deliberate coughs And teasing smiles And realize how tensed and worried and sick we all are, Beneath the person that we show to be without it being realized. Does it matter if I am fair or brown With brown eyes and jet black hair Depressed as dark or hilarious as clown? I don't think it does Because I am still flying to places unknown With wings injured and way blurred. Just because she places a hand On your thighs, Dear boys, it does not mean She wants you; she might just be looking for a true friend Beneath the fake, self sufficient smile. Her thinking dirty and pining over one Yet hugging many, does NOT make her a slut. She isn't judging or evil You are; when you start a war Over a thing so tiny and forgotten. Her dimpled chin Doesn't push in with her smiles any often Her eyes like to remain closed Thinking of a life when she does not have to Wake with her phone pinging With messages that call her a player; an evil witch and a whore. She dreams of working And going on dates with her boyfriend To sunsets with starbucks' coffee in hand She cries a bit as she realizes That it is a bit far away from the hell She made her home at. She is fat and chubby And cannot dance or sing like a pro She only has a heart to give To those;whom she knows Would always have her bones. You don't trust her And I understand the reason you come up with But then why fangirl and use her For your own benefits When she ain't nothing But a flower trodden under The feet you own as you walk towards her. She laughs and talks to me As if I am her best friend since ages She does not realize The after effects of her going away consequences And yet I talk and nod my head Offering a few words A few advices here and there Two unofficial depressed outcasts Sitting together One laughing confused and the other consciously With lots of doubts o'erhead She talks of being broken these days And sits alone by the corner I sat A few months ago, Truly, god has made everyone different But I think he gave everyone the same fate Just with different words. #know her #yqbaba

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