An Expensive - knot


Marriage is the only system where a man is paid high salary to tie a knot, that too for a beautiful woman. Only in marriage a girl lose her heart, soul, beauty, pleasure and Her everything to a man by paying him in the name of dowry. #yqbaba #yqtale #yqthoughts #marriage #dowry #knot#socialtalk #expensive

1 DEC AT 14:11

The knot of attachment with you was so strongly tied that even thinking of releasing you hurts equally as keep on holding you tightly !

It's easier to release than holding on, some say! It's neither easier to release nor holding on, some face,who do experience the situation... #love #hurt #feelings #yqbaba #knot

14 NOV AT 10:19

Not just a calendar day passed,
This day brought an best angel beside me I could possibly had,

I will be always beside you, nothing will be wrong,
Finally am at place I feel where I belong,

Your gaze into my eyes makes my knees weak,
Heart pumps up, throats choke up with air, I can't speak.
You're the one sent by heaven above for  me,
I felt it true when you and I became we,

It's tingling voice of yours that makes me fall,
Numerous ways this heart finds to have a call,
I was lucky to have find you first,
And even luckier as we fell in love

As the time passes, I aim to occupy whole of you,
My words don't match up for girl like u,
The day as we Tie the knot,
I pledge to clear all your doubt,
And only fight will be pillow fight,
For you, who will be the best and sweetest wife,
Happy birthday to YOU, yes YOU.

(When non poet to-be-husband tried his hand in poem for his poetess to-be-wife)

He wanted to be first wishing her, unfortunately he was not meant to.. ☺ #air#yqbaba#birthday#knot#heart

10 NOV AT 1:13