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Niharika Jha 19 DEC 2019 AT 17:56

एक दिन यूँही एक सवाल आया, दोबारा मोहब्बत हुई क्या
किसीसे, सच कहूँ तो काफ़ी मुश्किल था जवाब देना, जवाब
में "हाँ" शायद फिर कई सवाल उठा देता मेरी पहली मोहब्बत
पे मगर थोड़ी हिम्मत जुटाई और कह दिया अपने प्यार(दूसरे)
की ख़ातिर, हाँ हुई मोहब्बत मुझे दूर देश में बैठे किंत्सुगी के
उस कारीगर से जो बिना अपने हाथों की परवाह किये जोड़ता
है टूटे टुकड़ो को,भरता है उन दरारों को सोने के पानी से, एक
नया जीवन ही तो देता है वो, खोई उम्मीद ही तो लौटाता है,
टूटकर भी खूबसूरत होना सिखाता है, तो बस हो गयी मोहब्बत
उससे इस उम्मीद में की शायद कभी मेरे टूटे टुकड़ो को भी
जोड़कर एक नयी ज़िन्दगी दे जाए मुझे..


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Indhumathi Nagarajan 24 MAY 2017 AT 9:18

By too many people
In too many ways,
She picked up the pieces with grace.
Gluing them back to where they belonged,
She marked with gold
the contour of the fissures.
Her scars now shone as proof
for what she survived
And how much she loved herself
Enough to mend her back again.
She is a walking Kintsugi.


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Sharib Hussen 24 AUG 2018 AT 22:40

I emptied myself
completely on to you...
You never seemed to
be brimming.

Then I stopped!
You emptied out.
In that vacant soul..
I found...

A scar you held,
Leaking my love.
No matter how
much I gave.

I broke a piece
Patched that scar.
And later...
You brimmed.

From anothers love.
My gift to you...
Thank you for being.


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R V 26 NOV 2019 AT 14:23

The Art of mending broken ceramics with gold

(Continued in caption)


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nirupama jram 3 SEP 2018 AT 16:40

Will you be my kintsugi to heal my broken soul


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Maryam Fathima 22 JUN 2019 AT 11:10

Her scars weren't mere proof of her battles.
She knew that one day, they would fade and the world would forget all about them..
Her hope lied in that one person who'd crave her scars just as she grieved over them..
For that One, who'd beautify them with his love and flaunt it,
for she was his Warrior and he, her Healer..


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Arundhuti Mukherjee 22 FEB AT 9:04

Break me as hard as you can...
Shatter me into a trillion pieces...
Shower all of your anger into me...
After you're done with this!!!
Let me teach you the art of KINTSUGI...


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Ketan Tiwari 16 SEP 2017 AT 14:26

I was shattered into tiny bits. She came. Put each of the pieces together, holded them gently; not so loose that, I may fall again, not so hard, that I get crushed.
Just perfect. She fused them together with gold, all the golden gossamer, she had stored in her heart.
Those imperfections, I used to hide from world, She decorated them.
She left after teaching me the most important lesson of the life, We're stronger in the places that we have been broken; and sometimes, beautiful too!


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Rishabh Tiwari 21 FEB AT 16:31

Yun to ...Aasmaan me taare hazaar hain...phir bhi.. hm khwaahishen sirf uss toote hue taare ko dekh ke hi kyu maangte hain..??

Kuki mere dost.... Kuch cheezon ki keemat unke tootney ke baad badh jaati hai.... Jaise... Dil, Rishtey aur un Rishton me Uljhe huye Logo ki toote-foote si yaadien......

With Regards to...


By - Rishabh Tiwari..... Ft. Priya Malik...


THE BEST 19 JAN AT 12:43

Sorry Changes things,

Not Everything.


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