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19 DEC 2019 AT 17:56

एक दिन यूँही एक सवाल आया, दोबारा मोहब्बत हुई क्या
किसीसे, सच कहूँ तो काफ़ी मुश्किल था जवाब देना, जवाब
में "हाँ" शायद फिर कई सवाल उठा देता मेरी पहली मोहब्बत
पे मगर थोड़ी हिम्मत जुटाई और कह दिया अपने प्यार(दूसरे)
की ख़ातिर, हाँ हुई मोहब्बत मुझे दूर देश में बैठे किंत्सुगी के
उस कारीगर से जो बिना अपने हाथों की परवाह किये जोड़ता
है टूटे टुकड़ो को,भरता है उन दरारों को सोने के पानी से, एक
नया जीवन ही तो देता है वो, खोई उम्मीद ही तो लौटाता है,
टूटकर भी खूबसूरत होना सिखाता है, तो बस हो गयी मोहब्बत
उससे इस उम्मीद में की शायद कभी मेरे टूटे टुकड़ो को भी
जोड़कर एक नयी ज़िन्दगी दे जाए मुझे..


29 SEP AT 22:42

No one in this world is
But still you are


24 MAY 2017 AT 9:18

By too many people
In too many ways,
She picked up the pieces with grace.
Gluing them back to where they belonged,
She marked with gold
the contour of the fissures.
Her scars now shone as proof
for what she survived
And how much she loved herself
Enough to mend her back again.
She is a walking Kintsugi.


5 OCT AT 22:11

Sometimes I rummage my memory
searching for words I never knew.
I don't find what I look for,
it's always the wrong metaphor that meets my senses.
So I collect what's available and join them
like puzzle pieces, into my own poetry.
My poems are all done of Kintsugi of my smiles.

I shake and stir my mind, looking for perfect tunes,
but everything seems off key.
So I gather one note over another, stack them up,
and create my own symphony.
My music is made of Kintsugi of my past lost tunes.

I sneak peek into my life, and realize
it's as chaotic as me, all over the place.
I collect now's like pebbles and make one memory after another,
wondering when my forever will be complete.
But when I leave a memory complete,
it bids me goodbye, saying forever is a myth,
it's us that live forevers, dreaming of it.
So I just perform Kintsugi on seconds I pick on the way
and they look like roads under construction-
breakable, yet sturdy.


24 AUG 2018 AT 22:40

I emptied myself
completely on to you...
You never seemed to
be brimming.

Then I stopped!
You emptied out.
In that vacant soul..
I found...

A scar you held,
Leaking my love.
No matter how
much I gave.

I broke a piece
Patched that scar.
And later...
You brimmed.

From anothers love.
My gift to you...
Thank you for being.


26 NOV 2019 AT 14:23

The Art of mending broken ceramics with gold

(Continued in caption)


22 FEB AT 9:04

Break me as hard as you can...
Shatter me into a trillion pieces...
Shower all of your anger into me...
After you're done with this!!!
Let me teach you the art of KINTSUGI...


3 SEP 2018 AT 16:40

Will you be my kintsugi to heal my broken soul


24 AUG AT 10:41

Some scars are not always the memories of broken
It's the remains of the new beginning


3 JUN AT 10:32

When you are broken,
And assembled again
Your obscure beauty
emerges out.....