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Bhavesh Bhargava 9 MINUTES AGO

If only we could
return home from
a long vacation, every evening.


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Khwaja Tabrez AN HOUR AGO

घर एक जगह है जहां आपके पैर निकल सकते हैं लेकिन आपका दिल हमेशा रहेगा!

گھر ایک ایسی جگہ ہے جسے آپ کے پیر چھوڑ سکتے ہیں۔ لیکن آپ کے دل ہمیشہ رہیں گے.



In silence I belong,
Like a song,
It's my home all along.


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Anmol Dixit 5 HOURS AGO

Yahan ke uljhe huye pardo ko dekh
Vo beparda khidkiyon ki yaad aati hai
Kehne ko to bht uunchai pe hain ye kamre
Fir kyun inki khidakiyon se vo thandi hawa nhi aati hai
Khidki pe Ye Kaanch ke lage darwaaze baarish ki boondon ko andar nhi aane dete
Main rota huun cheekhta hun
Magar shyd ye meri awaaz ko bhi bahar nhi jaane dete
Din ginta huun main yahan ,Tareekh badalti jaati hai
Har raat jab sone ke liye karwate badalta huun
To sach mein yr Ghar ki bht yaad aati hai


When you miss your Home Badly😶
#home #ghar #missing #love #quotes

Sourabh Pandey 7 HOURS AGO

Vo bachpan ki chusti se,
firse bhar jaana chahta hu,
Ab mai ghar jaana chahta hu.

Vahi moholle unhi galiyon me,
Mere kheton me udti un titiliyon me,

Un Diwali ke patakon me,
Mere yaaron ke thahakon me,

Vahi Papa ki daant maar me,
Meri maa ke laad pyaar me,

Vahi School ki class me,
Meri anjaani bakwas me,

Vahi "man na lagi" padhai me,
Meri behno se roz ki ladai me,

Jaakar firse theher jaana chahta hu,
Ab mai ghar jaana chahta hu.

Is sheher ki chardiwaron se,
Bahar jaana chahta hu,
Ab mai ghar jaana chahta hu.

Jis mitti par mai janma tha,
Vahi jaakar ab mar jaana chahta hu,
Ab mai ghar jaana chahta hu.

- Badhbola


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Ravinder Thakur 14 HOURS AGO

Every heart is filled with joy,

It's snowfall 'mitron' just enjoy!


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Samridhi Upadhyay 22 HOURS AGO

Far away in the land of dreams, i will build a home for just us two. The place where we will be together to never be apart again. Afternoons will be spent in the slumber to witness the stars in the night together.


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sai nivedita YESTERDAY AT 1:55

Drowning into the darkness
With no way to come out
Surrounded by nothing but loneliness
The thought of going home
Made the lone introverted hosteller
Most happiest person alive


Deepti Sharma YESTERDAY AT 0:43

// Home is overrated //

I don't find it anywhere.
I wander around the trodden
paths in search of one,
Imitate the enthusiasm
of others sparked by the
mention of the word,
Hoping if I repeat it enough
Maybe it will start meaning
something to me.
It doesn't.

My sincerest form
of flattery has failed.

I live by the side of the road,
Stripped of my blissful ignorance
Hungry for the words my
tongue don't roll out,
Thirsty for the fabled love,
And suddenly the roof above
my head isn't enough anymore.
I long for what I do not know.

Until I take this journey
which brings me to my door,
Until I find within me
a warm and safe abode,
Home, is overrated.


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