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Nupur Arora
16 JAN 2017 AT 9:58

This ring on my finger has a few stones missing,
There's an empty chair in the family picture.
Let this emptiness prevail...
Let heavens peep through this hollowness,
Let heavens know what they have taken away from me.



Aayushi Sonkar
13 SEP 2017 AT 19:16

you know
its a hollow feeling
whenever i see your face
in the shape of the clouds.

(full poem in caption)


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Aayushi Sonkar
27 AUG 2017 AT 0:11

i smell
wrapped around you
broken fragments
of chaos and peace
differentiated in paras
similar in hollowness.



Zuhal Muradi
3 AUG 2017 AT 10:35

My Love

It is only fair that I warn you, my love. I'm a vial of poison, and you are the one who believes it is of sweet red wine.
Although I do suppose they appear the same.

Please understand, everything that crosses my path,
everyone I touch turns to stone. I drag them one by one with thorn covered ropes over my shoulders and stand them evenly apart in the barren gardens of my soul.

Not as trophies, but reminders of the many who have lost this impossible game of tug of war. There, they are the only decorations that dot the vast desserts of snow under the skies of my stark eyes.

Every now and again a new statue will rise up from the pages of fate. Their numbers grow and crowd the land faster than they crumble to snowflakes that add on to the ones before them, faster than the time it takes for me to move on from each.

Soon enough will they all be swallowed, sunk into the quicksand.
And soon enough, I shall follow not too far behind.
And perhaps you shall be the last.
Perhaps you will be the reason I become hollow.

So, now that you understand, are you still willing to spill your blood in exchange for my love?

- Zizzy M


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Anushka Kohli
29 NOV 2017 AT 8:29

How hollow were your promises?
You promised an eternity
but commited to an ending.


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Rohan Srivastava
25 JUL 2017 AT 12:32

I'm a Netizen
a different kind of citizen
I live in cyberspace
I inhabit virtuality.
I'm not allowed more than 140 letters,
and not getting 'likes' gives me jitters.
I don't laugh anymore, I LOL!
I don't socialise or have friends
who I can meet physically,
my existence is measured in retweets & followers, technically.
I use thesaurus to sound Victorian,
just to hide myself from being called a plebeian.
My heartbeat is the internet,
my mantra is connectivity,
my friend is my phone,
it's battery is my longevity.
My favourite pass time
is to stare at the mobile screen,
waiting for a like, a follow up or a ping.
Its been ages since I've heard a live voice sing.
For days I don't come out to see the sky or bird.
What for, I think now, for the bird is just an icon, and the inverted comma is the new 'talisman'.
I'm a netizen, a different kind of citizen,
living in virtual reality,
forever connected,
yet when dissected,
absolutely alone as an entity.
-Rohan Srivastava



Vidushi Shanker
11 FEB AT 13:10

Your promises were just like your heart,


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Juveria fatima
25 FEB AT 5:56

I curse myself
for not knowing you were hurting
It's like my lungs
can't function to take in oxygen.
I should've known you were suffering.

Now I can't look anywhere else
except at your wounds.
A wrecked soul despair and distraught
I am lost for not knowing you.
A hollow in me that can never be filled.
All the laugh in me killed.



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