#goodnight quotes

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8 FEB AT 1:01

Wisdom grows by doing anything with enthusiasm, and doubt arises.


29 MAY AT 20:38

Oh, it's you here, sleepless;
singing aloud, music of twilight;
making the twinkling stars
& dancing moon
to sync with the sky; sleeping in
woolly blanket made of clouds!


7 OCT 2020 AT 23:59

Everything you do is a blessing!


4 SEP 2020 AT 1:01

Whats your nickname?


is the word which my parents call me instead of using my name!


12 JUL 2020 AT 21:26

Aapko jitna bhulana chahe😔

Utna hi Yaad aate ho 🤔

Mitti ki Khushboo ki Tarah🌱

Sansoon me mil jaate ho🧖


7 JAN AT 23:43

Being blank feels like night
It feels like sick
Still, mind sounds high
When shadows of the day
Give you a company by keeping your mind
engaged with the
silhouettes of burning thoughts
Leaving the space!


30 JAN AT 0:11

Nature has power,
power has love,
love has you,
you have everything!


26 OCT 2018 AT 21:09

A cup of coffee
A good night sleep
And just like that
I am brand new


14 OCT 2020 AT 1:08

The dream journey welcomes a new mystery!


21 JUL 2020 AT 22:02

Aap kyon roye mere khaatir 😭

maharam saare gulaab kee hai 🌹

din me sau baar yaad karata
hai aap ko ☺️

mere saare paasavard aap kaee 😘

naam kaee hai🥰🤗