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#goodnight quotes

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anaysha Pandey 17 JUN AT 21:18

वो कह के गया था 
अब तो सिर्फ ख़्वाबों में मुलाकात होगी
कोई कह दे उनसे की वो वादा कर ले हमसे
तो हम ज़िन्दगी भर के लिए सो जायेंगे😔


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The _गवाँर 7 JUN AT 21:50

तू रूह है तो मैं काया
बनु ता उम्र में तेरी साया बनु
एक दूसरे से ही बंधे हमें।


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लीखना तो कुछ है
पर जाने कयुं?
खामोश है"गुड़िया।।


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Halima Abbas 22 JUN AT 16:45

उसने अपने..... बाप की इज्जत रख दी साहब🙂.........
मैंने सोचा पंखे से लटक जाएगी 😶.....
A girl Secrifice her love
....... for her father.......🙂🙂✍️✍️


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Sakshi Vashist 26 OCT 2018 AT 21:09

A cup of coffee
A good night sleep
And just like that
I am brand new


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Varun Dhanashree 2 JUL AT 21:59

The dreams of night:

Sweetest dreams come in the night,
Yeah! The time is perfect and right,
Just relax and give in to this time,
Like the sweet sound of the chime,
The calmness of the night and peaceful pace
Will make you ready for yet another chase
Of tomorrow to come,
Good night and sleep tight!


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Electricks 3 JUL 2018 AT 3:34

हम कल को, तलाशते रहे दिनभर...

और शाम होते होते मेरा आज डूब गया..


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Varun Dhanashree 3 JUL AT 21:59

The moon is shining:

The moon shining in its glory,
The night is dark and calm,
Peace lies within the mind,
It is the perfect time to unwind,
So, sleep well is my only wish for you,
For tomorrow will be a day so new,
For today, good night,
And, yes sleep tight!


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Tumpa biswas 11 MAY AT 23:45

Usne bhi Apna Iman Kitna Becha Hai
Jo Mujhe Good Night Bol Kar
Kisi Aur Ko Kahete Hai Mujhe
Nind Nehi Aate....


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Shruti Tripathi9 28 JUN 2019 AT 0:56

हाल -ए- दिल बयाँ क्या करुँ जब हम ने ख़्वाहिशो पर पहरा लगा ख़्यालो को तेरे नाम कर रखा हैं......


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