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Fasting without sex orgasm or  masturbation is definitely going against nature's design in a hardest way as like as being alone and remaining off from the society, from socialising is also going against nature... Even mastarbation is going against nature's design and that can be found with few animals too... The only major difference between humans and animals is that humans can use their will power to avoid sex and masturbations... Every act that goes against nature's design has a huge impact, sooner or later... Exercise the unique option given to humans... Try to fast without an orgasm for 48 days and see what happens :)

I don't need likes people... I need all of you to try this... You may watch porn even but control your hands and legs ;) I experienced miracles happening by this will power game... I have played this less than ten times only in my whole life as of now but that's unexplainable what I got from it... You also need to try unleash your true potential... #yourquote #yqbaba #fuck #sex #masturbation #lust #fasting #breakthrough

7 APR AT 3:45

Your body creates store
in your tummy, 
So that,
You don't become
"The Mummy" 


"The Mummy" => So that you don't die and become a Mummy . Stop starving yourself to death to reduce extra pounds, Lose them but with caution. It's never healthy ! Take care. #nofasting #fasting : #avyayi #Collab Challenge #WorldHealthDay Tomorrow is World Health Day, take a moment and realise your body & mind are your first and last friend. Respect and trust them when they tell something is wrong. #YourQuoteAndMine Collaborating with YourQuote Baba

6 APR AT 15:11