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Sahani Baleshwar
23 JAN AT 21:38

She came into my life as a tsunami.
Destroyed me completely , and took everything I ever had.


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Ashwini Anil
21 SEP 2017 AT 9:44

"When my mind warned about you, I was reluctant to listen to it.....now I learnt a lesson that 'obeying instincts is the precaution taken to avoid our destruction'........!"


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Fenny Doshi
2 JAN AT 11:26

With a veil of Silence on my face,
I have covered
My philomathic mind &
The burning zeal in my Heart


Me, being silent, means Destruction!



Meehikaa Joshi
10 JUL 2017 AT 23:23

When you hold the pen,
First you destruct.
And then,
You discover yourself.


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Shahzeeb Shah
11 MAR AT 21:02

Life is not about waiting for the storm to destroy rather to prepare against it



6 JAN AT 14:19

Don't unleash the Beast inside me!
If u do so I may destroy everyone in my way !
And if this happens, you will beg me to kill you but I won't,
I will make sure you suffer the worst,
You will pray to your God not to give you second life!!



Bibhuti Saikia
27 JUN 2017 AT 19:42

this oceanic beauty
horrible more.
wouldn't you do
the process of
making yourself
kerauno resistant.
wait until you
feel Keraunophobia.
it's enthralling,
ocean is hiding a lot
of inscrutable subtleties.
that night of
separation still a



Aniket Majumdar
20 DEC 2017 AT 21:28

Last Christmas, I was a different man,
With undeveloped skills and less experience,
The world around me was ignorant and cruel;
Unaware of its dreadful hazardous future.
Vibrant tunes of a false sense of hope
And an air of festive joy,
With people celebrating their own rape and murder.

This year, its no longer the same;
I now know that I will never be complete,
Or consistent, thanks to GΓΆdel;
The immaturity is unique to me.
The world is FROZEN in christmas joy,
And war is hidden in the Biblical snow;
The world is aware of its death,
But the truth remains denied forever.
The impending apocalypse is still real
Only Satan is now confused.


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2 APR AT 14:28

Tame me;
Then, leave me.
Give me hope;
Then, take it back.


"The Process Of Destruction"

(c) Pinterest Photo.
#destruction #diwa #yqbaba


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