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#conscious quotes

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Amol Gade 23 SEP 2018 AT 8:30

Life is all about conscious willingness to live cheerfully.


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Ruftaz Raj 2 JUL 2017 AT 13:54



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Simran Arora 4 MAY 2017 AT 22:22

Do you check yourself
when you wear a smile?

Then why do you check
yourself when you wear
a dress.

/conscious for skins/


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Xiya Siddiqui 29 AUG 2017 AT 20:17

The only reliable thing while living
Is to DIE !?!


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Ghost Writer 馃懟 23 SEP 2018 AT 9:05

Life is an ART of LIVING,we
CRAFT it with deeds to certify our EXISTENCE


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Chitra Pachouri 4 APR 2018 AT 16:12

and then these dreams:

a reality,
bitter and realer
than the
real conscious.


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Bhawna Rawat 13 JUN 2017 AT 12:52

He looked straight
into my soul
Searching for something
Undiscovered... Unknown
I got conscious
And wanted to run away
But felt immovable
In front of his sway
He did nothing
But just looked
That look lacked lust
And lacked love too
I quivered and
Wondered what to do
He left and was gone
After uttering this
Who made you so weak
Who snatched away your bliss?


Usha Giri 3 APR 2018 AT 19:34

My conscious is ruthless
as any enemy..
It strips me apart and get into my skin
It drags me out from the graveyard within...


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Nidhisha Reddy 25 AUG 2017 AT 13:56

YOU to me are....
Always a "conscious choice"
But never an "automatic response"


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Kartik Mishra 22 JUN 2017 AT 11:44


Brain, specifically sapien's brain, is a stupendously marvelous machine. Or maybe it is not a machine at all, it is more than that. It has consciousness. For many decades, advocates of 'Artificial Intelligence' are saying鈥 that its just a matter of time when we'll be able to build machines that can 'think'. I argue they would never be able to do so.

Intelligence cannot be there without fathoming inherent understanding of the human thought process. And no computer has any awareness of what it does!

Morality is borne out of conscious beings, without it there would be only "Matsya Nyaya" or Law of the Jungle. Beauty, a platonic idea, would be meaningless without awareness. There must be something going on in the brain, that we have, not an iota of understanding of,

Our brain is a "conscious-complex adaptive system" based on grey principles of "chaos theory". When we can't even seem to predict weather which is directly a 'chaotic system' then how can we fully grasp our brains, which is many degrees higher in complexity?

I believe, if our brains were simple enough for us to understand then, I wouldn't be here writing this or even be "aware" that I have a brain!


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