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DrPriyanka Saxena 6 DEC AT 5:47

Let there Be Conscious Consequence
Rather than Helpless Stage of Unconscious Results
Be Responsible, Fix the Fundamentals
Have Courage to Change It
Or Learn to Settle into It
Else You will be a Life Long Complainer
Endless Complains Leads Nowhere !


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Deshna 5 DEC AT 12:55

My fiend intimidates me;
But my conscious inspirits me.


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Divya Reddy Thummala 26 NOV AT 21:15

Stay conscious !
If not you may have to deal with
The results of your present actions
In your future and sometimes
you can’t even escape .


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Prashasti Jain 8 NOV AT 18:52

When you are
of your inner Self..
You become
which indeed help you become


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Lakshmi M 15 OCT AT 18:12

Judge with your conscience
Not with your conscious.


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Vinod Bidwaik 7 OCT AT 21:47

Prominent psychologists stated in most of their research that the majority of our behavior comes about unconsciously and automatically. An estimate of the proportions: 5 percent conscious planned behavior, opposite 95 percent unconscious automatic behavior. This does not only count for “simple” automatic behavior but also for complex, intelligent proceedings.

This needs strong mind conditioning and dreaming.

Dream more.


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