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#conscious quotes

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Amol Gade 23 SEP 2018 AT 8:30

Life is all about conscious willingness to live cheerfully.


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Ruftaz Raj 2 JUL 2017 AT 13:54



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Simran Arora 4 MAY 2017 AT 22:22

Do you check yourself
when you wear a smile?

Then why do you check
yourself when you wear
a dress.

/conscious for skins/


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Xiya Siddiqui 29 AUG 2017 AT 20:17

The only reliable thing while living
Is to DIE !?!


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Ghost Writer ๐Ÿ‘ป 23 SEP 2018 AT 9:05

Life is an ART of LIVING,we
CRAFT it with deeds to certify our EXISTENCE


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Chitra Pachouri 4 APR 2018 AT 16:12

and then these dreams:

a reality,
bitter and realer
than the
real conscious.


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Bhawna Rawat 13 JUN 2017 AT 12:52

He looked straight
into my soul
Searching for something
Undiscovered... Unknown
I got conscious
And wanted to run away
But felt immovable
In front of his sway
He did nothing
But just looked
That look lacked lust
And lacked love too
I quivered and
Wondered what to do
He left and was gone
After uttering this
Who made you so weak
Who snatched away your bliss?


Usha Giri 3 APR 2018 AT 19:34

My conscious is ruthless
as any enemy..
It strips me apart and get into my skin
It drags me out from the graveyard within...


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Shobhit Singh 24 SEP 2018 AT 15:19

Life is all about seeking panacea
of uneasiness to live cheerfully.


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Nidhisha Reddy 25 AUG 2017 AT 13:56

YOU to me are....
Always a "conscious choice"
But never an "automatic response"


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