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When shruti was in college,she was talented and very hardworking, all the time everyone seen her with a book or reading notes,etc... She loved to be alone ,when other's were enjoyed with friends, she preferred to study... Oneday she was alone and preparing a note ,because that day others had bunked and she was the one who attended the class. Her classmate Leeza came to her and asked: So,you are reguler in the class,right ? Shruti said: yes... Leeza: i noticed, you never bunked the class and you are studing regularly,come and do some fun with us... Shruti: sorry leeza... Leeza : why you are doing this all things? Shruti was smiling and she said very softly: I am week in accounts and other subjects too ,i know i need to work on it... Leeza...you are thinking i am boring and i am not interested for fun and other activity , etc.But its not... My story is little bit different from others, Their only motive is to get a degree,they wants to enjoy there college life and do so much fun with friends to memorize their college life ... They have made amaging plan before join the college life because they were knowing oneday these days will be came and their parents will offer them ... But, i never thought about my college life ,because it was only a dream for me... think about me for while, how i can waste it ,when i got it in real... I alwayse thanks to god for this beautiful gift and i feel blessed to have it... #yqbaba #girl #middleclass #college #dreams #talent #parents #sumy 😊😊😊

15 JAN AT 20:01