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Dharmendra Katiyar
26 DEC 2017 AT 19:48

17 years in SCHOOL.
5 years in COLLEGE.
30 years of a 9 to 5 JOB,
which you DON'T like at all
but the Bank EMI of your
2BHK FLAT & Maruti Swift CAR
COMPELS you every morning
to dress up and leave the home
to work on someone else's DREAMS
by KILLING yours.

Is this the LIFE you DESERVE?



Sakshi Bansal
6 MAY AT 23:39

Long talk with hand in hand walk

I also think of
Those days, when we
Used to talk .
It was long day talk ,
hand in hand walk,
Without knowing
Where our fate will land
And our life will end..


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Payal Dutta
27 APR AT 13:16


We met each other for the first time in college.

As I introduced myself to the class, he took
out an eraser and wrote something on it.

After his introduction I scribbled something
on my desk. Watching me scribble, the
professor walked towards me.

Without a second thought he offered me his eraser.
Seeing my name on it I blushed as I erased the
scribblings on my desk.

"What was that you scribbled?", he asked me later.
"Your name", I murmured.



Kumar Aakash
4 JUN 2017 AT 15:41

At School I Desired to be at College..
At College I Desired to have a Job...
At Job I Desired to get SETTLED
(everyone has different view)...

Now I Don't know when I'll find
my self SETTLED....



Pawan Rawal
7 JAN AT 0:56

Today, I met my crush in college canteen, accidentally.

"Hey! Is it okay for you to be 'just friend' with me. I don't have friends here. Please!!" She almost convinced me.

It reminds me of my 'punishment' when I was nine. Once, when mom bought my favourite ice-cream, gave it to my hand and asked not to eat it.


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24 DEC 2017 AT 22:05

HE dropped HER to the Railway Station.
As HE does not have Summer Vacation.


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Nisha Makwana
27 NOV 2017 AT 19:58

Hold on to the memories
They will hold on to you

~Taylor Swift

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Saurabh Mohapatra
28 FEB AT 1:03

मेरी रातों की नींद मोहब्बत से ज़्यादा,
College की Attendance ने उड़ाई है.


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