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#author quotes

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Sajal Mehra 28 DEC 2018 AT 14:53

कल कौड़ियों के भाओ बिकुंगा बाज़ार में मैं,
चंद सिक्को से मोल मेरा तुम भी लगा लेना


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Visswanath SG SG 10 APR 2018 AT 17:01

F - Fantastic​
A - Author of
T - The living and
H - Human beings
E - Ever in this
R - River...


Here River represents the "LIFE"
#sgv #life #father #author #yqbaba

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Noopur Gaikwad 16 MAY 2018 AT 23:39

You are the author of your own book.
Don't let anyone steal
the pen from you.
You write your own story
just the way you want to.
You twist it, you turn it.
You make it upside down.
But you make sure it has the
fragrance of all the moments.
Good, bad, ugly and beautiful.
No one else can write your story
the way you can,
Because it's the flame who knows
how to burn and spread light.
All other things are just litten.


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Dr Ashish Vats 1 NOV 2018 AT 17:12

फिर ये ढोंग इंसान, रचाता ही नहीं..
अगर कसमें सच होती, तो खाता ही नहीं..


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Visswanath SG SG 25 SEP 2017 AT 8:47

I'm The Story...
They Are My Authors...


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Neha Shwens Firoz 24 MAY 2018 AT 7:24

"Creativity and imagination are the most important things in writing. It make us know how the readers would react on our words. Their inner responses would be the reason of our being good writers to them."


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Arvind R 20 SEP 2018 AT 23:40

Authors cook stories.
Readers, digest.


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Vinshika Jain 7 FEB 2018 AT 19:10

"It's so easy to write books and earn money from it" the reader messaged the author after finishing his novel.
Six pre- drafts of the novel in the author's drawer smirked .


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Aman Awasthi 5 APR 2018 AT 11:41

मेरी तबाही में...कुछ तेरा भी नाम है

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Shalu Malik 24 DEC 2017 AT 17:43

हमेशा मैंने अपने बेटे को नालायक ही कहा और सुना,
मेरी उम्मीदों से भी बेहतर उसने मेरे सपनों को बुना,
मैंने सोचा भेज रहा है मुझे वृद्धा आश्रम मेरा बेटा...
लिफाफा खोला तो पता चला खुशियों का संसार बसा रहा है मेरा बेटा...


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