Thank you for not being there when i really neede you... 

Your absence made me a strong self.

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I'm running towards
this dawn of the day
With hopes in my heart.
Daydreams attract
And my soul kindles again.
It's the yellow of your light
That fuels my skin.
Filling me with love.
When I water my eyes
The glitters in my viens shine.
And my bones go strong.
These rays of sun are too calm,
I feel everything so close to life.
If only you knew
How much I cherish your presence,
Your arms where I have built my home.
Has so much of magic to offer me.

―Vibes & You//

In your presence I can sing even the monotonous songs in the most exciting ways.. #YQbaba#him#missing#vibes# presence#love#absence#YoPoWriMo

20 JUL AT 0:11

Ke Tum Aa Jaao Laut Ke..

Dil Tumhare Bina Lagta Nahi..

Hum Har Wo Baat Waapis Lete Hain..

Jo Humne Teri Gair-Haaziri Mei Kahi Thi...

Read The Caption Below: #Alone #ComeBack #Absence #Love #Missing #YqBaba #YqDidi #YoPoWriMo Yes, No Matter What I Said in Past Few Days.. I Still Miss You... I thought I can Forget You.. I thought I can Move On.. But How Can I??? Is it Possible for Me To Turn Against My Soul?? How Can I Forget You When Even My Heart Beats For You... I have Nothing Left in Me, I can Call Mine, Except My Name.. But Even that is attached to You.. We both Share the Same Initials.. The 1st Letter of Our Names are Just the Same.. How Can I Forget that Kiss.. How Can I Forget Those Vows We Took On My Terrace In front of The Winds, who Played Witness to Our Sacred Relationship.. That Kiss Which Sealed those Vows Into Eternal Ones.... I Know You Left.. You Ought to.. You took another set of Vows with Someone Else.. But What About Me.. I still Am Standing Here on the Same Terrace Reciting those Same Vows... and living by them.. Still Loving You with the Same Heart.. I want to Move On.. But I can't.. Coz.. Frankly.. I can't.. Coz I tied My Soul to You.. and Only You can Save Me from the Pain.. Please Come Back.. I take all my Words Back.. I Love You Jaan... With, Moist Eyes and Burning Heart, Yours, and Only Yours, Pawan Known by Alias Anjaan "Ikraash"

14 JUL AT 23:48