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sharadha Shivakumar 5 DEC AT 10:25

I'm your North pole
Be my south pole..
Nobody can separate us
And I will always be attached
To you..


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Tarun Pareek 17 NOV AT 23:43

Ishq karna nhi hai muskil
ise jaanna jaruri hai
Ek kavi ko padhna nhi hai muskil
Us kaviytri ko samjhana jaruri hai
Sagar mein to aneko lahre Hai
Us ek lahar ko pehchanana jaruri hai
Uske ehsaas me meri saansein hai ya nhi
Un saanson ko mehsoos karna jaruri hai
Physics to padh leta hu yu hi
Us chemical reaction(chemistry)
ka aana bhi jaruri hai
Usse chata hu me dil se
Usse batana bhi jaruri hai

Dosti aasaan hoti hai magar pyar ka pta nhi
Isliye iss pyar ko paana bhi jaruri hai


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Sambit Kumar 15 OCT AT 19:53


"The love is Polarised light(boy)which passes
through the slits of Analyzer(girl),;

If the intensity remains the same,they become

If not then the boy(polarized light) rotates
and adjusts itself to make the intensity same馃槀


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Sharib Hussen 21 SEP AT 16:47

My trajectory鈥斺攐f metaphors,
Fails to reach the parabolic path.
Written from an angle, more or less,
45 degrees... is not that I'm sure.
Neither the force, nor the momentum,
Reaches the frequency of oscillations.
Resonating in void of my pages.
My bland words pass through,
The ink as a prism.
Some internally refracted
and shine within...
Some come out as
The rainbow poem.
Mostly fail to reach
The threshold to excite
The action potential.
And dies as a draft,
Perspiring... dust.
At times they
Thou shall, not
Abandon thee."
I am guilty.


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Nidhi 6 SEP AT 8:46

He is a spectrum of colors which guides you at different wavelength of life
He brings you out from virtual image
And normalises your myopic eye.
He is the one changes you from zero frequency to high frequency resonance.
He gives you an escape velocity of confidence , but at times gives gravity to your overconfidence.
He teaches you to be revolving microscope and not only periodic oscillator.
He inspires you to be rigid and elastic at times to resist high stress and strain of life.
He teaches you ro be radioactive and emit your excellence even in the dark.
He is powerhouse of nonconventional energy and we should capitalise it in total work and beat the entropy.


Ayushi upadhyaya 16 AUG AT 14:34

It was a class of nuclear physics

She yawned.......

He looked up her into madly

And there started a new chain reaction



Ayushi upadhyaya 16 AUG AT 13:44

Newton's laws of physics

can rarely be applied to the real world.

There is more to life

than cause and effect.

Things just aren't that simple.



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