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Let Me Be Naked...- Conclusion.

I realized I had been procrastinating this from a long time. So... Here you go. I still hope you like it! Let the sand grains roll over me Let them fill the pit of my belly Let them fill my navel and kiss me oh-so gently Let me rise like the pearl from a tired oyster Let my hair stink of its slimy portion Let me stretch my arms again and ambush As I jump into the night sea Let me perpetrate the act of sin Let me feel my own skin Kiss my own lips There’s a reason why I press them tight The reason- an insatiable delight. Let me love me. Let me savour my own breath Let me inhale my own scent The musky dewy fragrance Let it drive me crazy Let me sprawl my outstretched limbs Let the wind brush against every inch of my exposed skin Sensitizing my tissue like there is No bloody beginning Let me be naked Let me feel my own skin Let me be naked It is only fair to commit my only sin Let me be naked To pleasure me for once I don’t need my kin. #videoquote #yqbaba #naked #erotica #selflove #poetry #love #lovequotes

Let Me Be Naked...- Part 1.

Background music: On His Knees, Fifty Shades Darker. Those who are not great fans of erotica... please don't watch it. Those who think its awful to talk about self pleasure... please don't watch it. Last night when I was not at all sleepy, I wrote that. Haseena Ma'am, I especially need your views for this one. Let Me Be Naked... Let me be naked Let me sprawl my outstretched limbs On the fourth floor window sill Like the vulture sprawling its outstretched Wings, showing off its plumage Let me show off my skin. Let the bay watchers watch on me Let them turn rhetoric And bombast my flawed beauty with Their words that spree free Let the silk drop on the wet floor Pool around my feet Let the Caliph cry I’ll rub my eye and display my Diabolical smile My skin is much satiny. Let me caress my own breasts Press the blips between my fore-thumb tips Let me sway my head like the milching heifer Sway my head to my own beauty. Let me bat my eyelids with the pace of Venus Orbiting around the sun Better actually, let me be the sun And ooze golden rays, honey drops From fiery furnace furnishing fruitful flowers Let me be the lioness and roar to my own pleasure The nightingale to sing to my own songs Let me cherish my laughter When I feel my own fingers not yours Fain play with the petals between my legs Where your fingers can’t help but race... Where your eyes can’t throb but gaze... Let me give up on threads and mulch on the ocean bed Let the waves wash over me Spike pleasure that jolts my core electrically. #videoquote #erotica #love #lovequotes #naked #wordporn #yqbaba #selflove