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YourQuote Baba
6 DEC 2017 AT 20:08

Dear Humans,

Today is World Soil Day. Soil is the most humble element of Earth. It lives under our feet, but it nourishes everyone above it.

1. Word of the day is FARMER. Write a heart-warming one-liner/ poem/ story.

2. Write a poem about the things that make you smile.

3. Write a 5 point list titled: How To Save Earth.


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Shraddha B
3 MAR AT 16:51

You are the color of my heart
'Red' as the love
You are the color of my sadness
Deep as 'blue'
You are the color of my happiness
'Bright orange' as a sunny smile
You are the color of my calm
'À shiny white'
You are the color of my silence
Dull and dark as 'black'
I believe you understand that
You are the rainbow of my life.



uday singh
7 DEC 2017 AT 10:38

My smile is hidden behind my parents happiness.
My hidden smile comes when I see my brother following my footsteps.
My smile is hidden in the beauty of nature.
My smile is hidden in the humorous elements of books.
My smile is hidden in the playfulness of baby.


#mysmile #yqbaba Things that make me smile ...


Pompi Das
6 DEC 2017 AT 22:15

Friends smiling face,,
Adds extra grace..
Parent's caring hand,,
Makes it grand..
His loving memories,,
In the dusted diaries..
SRK's romantic style,,
Always makes me Smile..


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Tathagat Sarthaka
6 DEC 2017 AT 21:48

Let's wait
For the rains to pour,
Eyes to drain and tears to roll,
Until the feeling of loneliness subside
After ages, when our soul collide.
While the sun settles down in the west
And at the moonlight's behest,
When your eyes stare the moon in the dark sky
I stare my moon inches beside me.


After ages, when our souls collide.

#yqbaba #farmer #mysmile #saveearth


mukul pareek
5 DEC 2017 AT 23:03

नज़र हर नज़र में ठहरता है दिल
शहर हर शहर में भटकता है दिल

शख्श हर शख्श को पहचानता है दिल
ख़्वाब हर ख़्वाब को दिखलाता है दिल

इश्क़ हर इश्क़ में बिखरता है दिल
नज़्म हर नज़्म में सँवरता है दिल



Deepika Vijaywargia
6 DEC 2017 AT 21:09

I wanted you to be my best lover.
In the chase of that,
I never became the best love.




Roohi Bhargava
6 DEC 2017 AT 23:31

The way you look,
The way you care,
The way you love,
The way you smile,
The way you justify,
The way you handle,
The way you hold,
All for me,
All of me,
Is all that makes me smile.



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