Zelia Vital (VZ)

Zelia Vital 18 JAN AT 6:25

Today, you may be laughed at by someone who think you are not good enough and underestimate your effort to keep on learning and trying.
Tomorrow, you may be reaping what you have learnt and made you grow while that person who laughed at you yesterday may be falling down in front of other people who made him/her a laughing stuff.


Zelia Vital 15 JAN AT 10:14

Sometimes people mistaken your generosity as a free open house. A free open house where they are free to come and free to go as a benefiaciary. A free open house that provides and serves everything they need and they could come to pick it anytime they want
And when everything in this free open house is finished, they would not come to visit neither drop by just to say hello
And they may say 'thank you' or not at all
and they may forget your generosity next time they found you in need while they already have all they need
And so, as generous one, you realized that your generosity is for the sake of the generosity itself, not for you, or for anybody else


Zelia Vital 13 JAN AT 18:31

My facebook timelines are full of posts of everybody who loves to showing-off everything they think deserves to be showed off even though some of those posts are not deserved to be. And I feel like poisoned for seeing too many showing-off posts in my timeline. Many of them of are in fact toxic.


Zelia Vital 13 JAN AT 12:06

Is sweet
And bitter
At the same time


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Zelia Vital 12 JAN AT 14:31

Dear mom,

Since my childhood, you have taught me that a girl should be strong in everything so I shall study hard and work harder.

Today I realize, your taught is true but in fact I also found that to be strong is not enough for a girl who became a woman to face the world.

Your stubborn daughter


Zelia Vital 12 JAN AT 13:06

I grew up taught by the elders
That I shall respect the elders
Without having to know why
Should I respect the elders
As I grew up, I learnt that
In fact, not all of the elders
Are worthy of respect
As sometimes
They themselves
Made me lost respect.


Zelia Vital 12 JAN AT 12:52

I always dreamed to go out and leave my house one day thinking that the world out there is more beautiful than in my house.

After leaving my house for many years and struggle to survive in the chaotic world I used to dream for, one day I return home and there is how I realized that the small world in my house is more beautiful on its serenity.


Zelia Vital 12 JAN AT 12:43

Rain lilies blossom
Green grassess everywhere
Spring is here


Zelia Vital 12 JAN AT 12:37

the universe becomes
a 'hide-and-seek' place
for you
to hide
and to seek


Zelia Vital 8 JAN AT 19:00

Dear body of mine

After being ill with you today
I realized that you too have limit
Yet I was the one
who always push your limit button
Which I shouldn't do
Now, let us sleep in peace
And dream for tomorrow's recovery


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