Zeenat Idris (Yeshfin Idris)

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Zeenat Idris 26 NOV AT 23:24

That eyes were confused
How they can ventilate their
Then the heart replied
Cry! Cry! And Cry!


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Zeenat Idris 24 OCT AT 0:39

As wise people says..
People are reflection of yourself..
If you see beauty in someone
Real beauty lies in you..
If you see hatred in someone
Real hatred lies in your heartโค๏ธ


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Zeenat Idris 24 OCT AT 0:35

After the emotional
Heart Break
You finally understand
that in your life everything is random
Not in your control as well..
Though acceptance of truth is necessary..
Who you are.. who you will become
Acceptance of your beautiful identity
Is really necessary..


Zeenat Idris 24 OCT AT 0:18

It doesn't matter
If nobody sees beauty in you!!
Your are part of this beautiful universe..
You're beautiful since the birth till the end..
Because real beauty doesn't needs appreciation..


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Zeenat Idris 24 OCT AT 0:10

This life is so precious
That sometimes we miss
Our best times of past..
I think memories are the special part of it..
I will carry them like a treasure of my life..


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